Who Looked More Bangin: Couples Edition

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kobe and his Latin piece Vanessa attended the Third Annual Jay-Z and Lebron James “Two Kings” Dinner and After Party last night. Hova was there with his wifey, Beyonce. Both couples looked stunning, we gotta admit. Still, we must ask…

What Couple Looked More Bangin??

More pictures below of Tamia, Gabrielle, Jeezy, Lebron, his B.M. Savannah,  and more…

Images via Wireimage

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  • Davina

    Latin piece??? come on Bossip!!

  • http://~ Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    Beyonce, duh

  • pytjd

    I’m confused…”wifey”..it that just his damn wife…

  • http://bossip AK_STAN

    First The Jump-offs

  • Exotica


    I’m going with Vanessa and Kobe, Jay is too damn ugly and I’m just tired of Beyonce.

  • John

    Kobe’s wife is hot…..

  • http://bossip AK_STAN

    Damn Second !!!

  • CG


  • http://bossip AK_STAN

    Posh & David Beckham

  • sarah vaughan

    everyone smiles for the camera just like ri-ri and chris did…you never can tell whose really happy these days…

    i think the single life is betta…

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    Bossip is so annoying. They are their wives not side pieces or jump offs.

  • John

    LeBron….It’s only a matter a time before she takes you to the cleaners…Two kids from that broad…..Damn….

  • Angee

    Everyone looks great!!

  • yvette


  • John

    I give Lebron’s wife two years before she blows up. She is already gaining weight everywher, including her legs. Yuck!

  • news from barbados

    Who looks more banging??

    Chris and rihanna…. I will miss them

  • twilight

    Kobe and Vanessa of course. Jay-Z is fugly and Beyonce is over-exposed.

  • T

    I’m going with Vanessa and Kobe, Jay is too damn ugly and I’m just tired of Beyonce.

    Stop reading my damn mind.

  • John

    Excuse me…I give Lebron’s baby mother of two two years before she blows up….

  • Angee

    These are grown people handling their relationships exactly the way they want to. And looking good while they are at it.

  • NB

    lebron is so fug and his girl well very regular no style and bottom heavy.

  • http://www.bossip.com jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Most definitely Kobe and Vanessa…they looked better than bigga!

    Umm Bossip, how rude you are! That “latin piece” you are refering to, is his WIFE and the mother of his kids! SMH

  • Ty

    Tamia looks Great, she’s so under-rated. that voice is incredible. Beyonce may have the fame, but Tamia’s got the talent


    I like Lebron & Savannah

  • John

    Damn…..Kobe’s wife is really hot. So is Tamia….

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