Bossip’s Best of the Week – February 15 2009

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Chris Brown Beat Down of Rihanna: Puppy Love Gone Bad

Chris Brown has Socked up RiRi before: Rihanna Confesses to Police

RiRi is no Saint: Rihanna Started the Fight Over Jump-Off Text

Musiq Soulchild Exclusive: Sex & Love

Dwyane Wade: Reefer “N” Sex Parties

Jay-Z to Chris Brown: “You’re a Walking Dead Man”

50 Cent Takes it Past Rap: 50 Cent Stalks DJ Khaled’s Mom

NAACP Awards: Goregeous Gowns Galore

Tameka Foster-Raymond: Usher Cancels Grammy’s Because of Wife Surgery Slip

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  • 2DamTrill

    First….You lame ass hoes
    The world is crazy….

  • 2DamTrill

    Why must we do this to ourselves? This is bullsh!t!

  • 2DamTrill

    Yo Bossip!, hate to be negative, but your shirts are WACK!!!! You need a real designer to make your shirts… holla at me, I’ll make you sumthin’ you can sell…. Get at me… you got my email

  • 123ab

    Make an extra 300-500 dollars a month


  • Jessica

    Why is Rihanna no saint? Because she had the audacity to ask him about the text? Silly people.

  • vj

    I know this is a blog but damn show some respect for the girl!

  • idothoseparties

    the truth will set you free

  • RE RE

    It was none of Rihanna bizz who was on that phone she does not own Chris Brown hell there not even married and he is 19 years old and full of joy why should he be tied down to her azz.He got tired of carrying her shopping bags and dog and he was sick of explaining to her who was on the damn phone.Rihanna crazy azz thought just because she hit her own brother in the face with a bottle she can try that shit on Chris she forgot Chris Brown is a american young boy that would fight your ass back.

  • cala

    I was told that Chris got HSV-1. And he posted a profile on “HerpesLoving . com”.

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