Who Looked More Bangin?? Frumpy Edition

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Joy Bryant hit up Fashion Week at The Promenade while talentless socialite Zoe Kravitz was spotted at the Erin Fetherston show as part of the Fall 2009 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in The Big Apple last night. So, given the similar choice in attire, which of these laties would you say looks more bangin??

Peep more pics – including your girl Joy looking rather fetching backstage at the event – right about now.

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  • jena4rmthablock

    Who looked more bangin? Def not Zoe’s ass. They both look like bums from time to time. All that money and they dress like homeless people…SMH

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner


  • cala

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    Colonel how are you?

  • shar

    Cala – what’s that all about? Are you a public health public relations publicist?

    Zoe looks bohemian and minxy.



    Are you implying she has herpes?

    I know one thing, she will be pregnant real soon. She looks more turned out every week she takes pictures.

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner


    What’s the business? How was your weekend?

  • li

    Zoe, why she gotta be talentless? LMAO

  • truth, iam a girl




    It was a rough one! How was yours?

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner


    …..uhh…..don’t know what C.S.M. means…….but mine was alright. I’m not really a big Valentines person. But overall, my weekend was too short. I think I’m the only dude that has to work today.

  • copelli21

    Zoe has that same natural sultriness that her mother has….and not many actresses, black or otherwise have this characteristic.

    Joy is cute, but nothing special.


    C.S.M= Yo name on the lazy side….

    Why are you the only dude at work? If I may ask…what is it that you do?

  • u need morepeople

    why are these chicks important again????????????????????????

  • brooklyn kid

    They both look like cornballs…..Yeah – WHY are these chicks important again???

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner(a.k.a. C.S.M.)

    I’m a West Coast Productions water boy. Nah, I’m a Quality Engineer. I think the Defense and Aerospace industry may be one of the only people open today.


    Well you are mistaken…the Health Care industry….NEVER sleeps…EVER….NEVER…unless you’re a Jewish Physician in that case you’re NEVER at work…EVER…

  • http://www.bookoobookoo.blogspot.com BooKoo


    LMAO. Something about Joy irritates the hell outta me. I’ve never seen one movie she starred in or her picture in any fashion mag but she’s supposed to be an actress and a model? I only see this chick on somebodies red carpet and am always confused about why she is there. Cute dress tho.

  • Blue

    Umm neither…but to each his own…

  • Vinandi

    am just gald Joy bryant is wearing some make up!! she’s a naturally pretty girl, its good to see her make the most of her assets!!

  • Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    I love them,both~ Both women are awesome IN THEIR OWN WAY as is ALL Black women and don’t ever forget it.

  • shoppingdiva

    EITHER and Joy has the nerve to have Rachel Zoe as a Stylist putting together outfits for her every move. Doesn’t look like money well spend to me!

  • http://myspace.com/120580931 juiccy_janae

    um ok why the hell do joy look 12.go head gurlie…she like like an long lost obama daughter.lmao

  • Anon

    ^You’re right. In that pic, Joy does look like she could be Malia’s older sister. They both look blah, but Joy looks cute in the second dress.

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