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Michael is turning in his grave.

Jury Finds AEG Not Liable In Michael Jackson’s Death

This lawsuit has had so many twist and turns from AEG’s CEO claiming he spoke to Michael’s ghost to the Jackson’s attorney claiming AEG was ruthless. The sad part is AEG will never be held accountable for pushing a man who clearly was not 100 percent healthy and had no business performing.

According to TMZ

The Jackson family just LOST their bid to hold AEG Live accountable for Michael Jackson’s death.

The jury ruled AEG Live did hire Conrad Murray. That’s huge. The jury then ruled Conrad Murray was NOT unfit or incompetent to treat MJ. Katherine and the kids lose.

So here’s the thing. The question that ruined Katherine’s case was whether Murray was competent to handle Jackson when he was hired, and the jury said he was. Ironically, a jury in the criminal case ruled Murray then went off the rails and did things that ultimately killed MJ. But because he was competent at the outset — the Jackson family lost.

Katherine Jackson and Michael’s 3 kids were suing AEG, claiming the company negligently hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray and pushed MJ way beyond the limits for his “This Is It” tour.

AEG claimed Michael hired Murray and what went on between them was a secret to all … including AEG.

The real losers here are Katherine and the children. This verdict is a slap in the face to kids who had to relive this drama. Dr. Conrad Murray was half the problem…AEG needed to be punished for milking the cash cow to the limit. R.I.P. The King of Pop.




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