Race Matters: White Conservative Group Holds “Affirmative Action Bake Sale” At University Of Texas

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Brownies for Blacks?

Students Hold Affirmative Action Bake Sale

UT Chapter Of Young Conservatives, a conservative group held an “affirmative action” bake sale at the University Of Texas.

Via NewsOne reports:

Last Wednesday, The UT Chapter Of Young Conservatives hoped to launch debate about why universities use race as an admissions factor. Prices for the goods on sale varied. Native American students were charged 25 cents. Black students were charged 75 cents. Latino students were charged $1. Asian students were charged $1.50, and White students were charged $2, with all women apparently receiving a 25 cent discount.

In an interview with Total Frat Move, UT-YCT President Lorenzo Garcia said the event was partially inspired by the Fisher v. UT Supreme Court case about affirmative action at the college.

“Yeah, the Fisher v. UT case kind of inspired us to do this, but also just the general practice of using race as a factor for admissions,” Garcia said. “We’re against it. We don’t feel that it’s fair. It should be based on merit alone, instead of something you can’t control.”

Garcia also rebuked the stereotype that only White, privileged children support these actions. He believes that students should be admitted based on effort:

“I’m Hispanic and I come from a middle class family. I’m kind of living proof that the whole [pro affirmative action] argument is complete conjecture. If they really want equality, to quote Martin Luther King Jr., judge a man not by the color of his skin but the content of his character, and that’s what we strive to abide by or live by, and they [liberals] are completely hypocritical about it. We’re just sick of it, so we’re just trying to prove a point, and stick it to them, to show them why they’re wrong.”

The response to the sale has been mixed, but not too bad, Garcia adds.

Seeing as that Asians do better than whites across the board, shouldn’t Asians be $2.00 and whites $1.50?

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