Scandal Thursday: 13 Things You Need To Know Before Tuning In To The Season 3 Premiere

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Will you be watching tonight’s premiere? Here are a few things to keep in mind..

13 Things You Need To Know About Scandal Before Season 3

If you’re a “Scandal” fan, then we don’t have to tell you that season 3 of the show premieres tonight on ABC.

However, we are aware that somewhere in between the government shut down, school starting and Miley Cyrus becoming an hourly annoyance fixture in the everyday news cycle, you may have missed a few episodes, be a new-comer to the show….or just flat out forgot what happened in past seasons.

Well, fear not. We’ve got you covered with a mini-recap of 13 things to keep in mind about “Scandal” that will help you navigate your way through tonight’s premiere. Take a look, starting with Olivia’s team of Gladiators…

Harrison is the most fiercely loyal of Olivia’s team of “Gladiators,” but we know the least about his backstory or why he sticks by her so faithfully. It was claimed in an episode of season 2 that he is a relative, but whether or not that’s true is still in question. The two most popular theories are that Harrison is either Olivia’s brother or a past lover.

Abby’s loyalty to the team has been questioned…and tested…throughout both seasons. She never really got over Harrison and Olivia secretly working together to destroy her relationship with U.S. Attorney David, although she did seal the deal by stealing the Citron card from him after seducing him, which he later found out about. However, let’s not forget that at one point, Abby was taking information back to David before she was even clear on his motives and before he was apart of the team.

Huck has a wife and son that he left behind to keep them safe when he became an assassin. He has seen them once in passing since he left while out on the street as a bum but they did not recognize him and he did not approach them, although his wife did send his son over to give him spare change. He has no idea where they are now.

Quinn is the new Huck. But she just might take her new-found love for torture and killing too far in the near future.

Now, on to the White House scandal…

First Lady Mellie knows that Olivia is sleeping with her husband, President Fitz. Olivia and Fitz both know that Mellie is aware, yet it has not been directly addressed between Fitz, Olivia and Mellie as of yet. Also “in the know” about the affair are: Huck, Harrison, Jake, Cyrus, and Rowan (Olivia’s father). Everyone else who doesn’t know for sure, is highly suspicious.

Mellie outed that Fitz was having an affair during a nationally televised interview with Cyrus’ husband James, who is also a political journalist. However, she refused to name Olivia as his mistress during the interview…..or even off-camera…to anyone who doesn’t already know.

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    Fitz somehow believes that he can still rule the White House with Olivia, his mistress, at his side after divorcing Mellie. He came dangerously close to throwing in the towel on his marriage, but Cyrus convinced him that his conservative counterparts wouldn’t be so accepting of his brown-skinned side-chick stepping into the role of first lady…and Mellie threatened to reek havoc….so he reconsidered, for now.

    On the season 2 finale, someone leaked to the press that Olivia and Fitz were having an affair…but who? Possible culprits are: Mellie, Cyrus, Olivia’s father…..and everyone else who knows.

    While her shady motives for doing it were crystal clear, no one knows how Mellie got pregnant since she and Fitz all but hate each other. We’re curious as to how long she’ll be able to tolerate this new baby given that she hardly likes the other 2 children that she and Fitz have together, whom we have yet to see on the show.

    Fitz killed his former election campaign colleague Verna Thorton, who was also a good friend of Olivia’s, by removing her oxygen mask while visiting her in the hospital as she was dying of Cancer and after she told him that she’d ordered the recent assassination attempt that nearly took his life. He did this because Verna wanted to clear her conscience before she died and threatened to go public with her part in the election rigging scheme that got Fitz elected, which would have in turn exposed his entire Presidency as a scam.

    Jake Ballard was hired by Fitz to keep an eye on Olivia and keep her safe. Although he was put “in the hole” by Rowan on the season finale for making one last attempt to protect Olivia, Jake has enough information on Olivia, Fitz, Cyrus, and even Rowan (who is his boss) to bring the entire White House scandal to the ground.

    On the season finale, Cyrus revealed to Olivia that Fitz killed Verna Thorton and he also revealed to Fitz that Olivia had slept with Jake Ballard. He did this in hopes to make so them disgusted with each other that they would end their affair for good.

    At the end of the season 2 finale, it was revealed that Rowan, who is the program director of B6-13 which once employed Huck, currently employs Jake, and has authority over Cyrus, is Olivia’s father.

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