Hide Ya Kids: 78-Year-Old Priest On Probation For Helping Teenager Get Piercing and Some Sticky Icky

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Another day, another crooked azz priest.

Priest On Probation For Helping Teenager Get Piercing And Drugs

These kids look to priests for spiritual guidance and instead of keeping them on the right path some do isht like this. Sad.

According to The NY Daily News

A retired St. Louis priest who was once voted “Chaplain of the Year” is spending his final years trying to explain how he helped his teenage altar boy get a chest piercing.

78-year-old Robert Charles Manning was acquitted of sexual assault and possessing child freaky flicks in July, but was convicted on Sept. 26 on two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. A judge sentenced him to four years of probation for reportedly giving the 16-year-old Colorado teen alcohol and sticky icky in 2011, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

The priest also allegedly tagged along while the boy was getting his chest pierced, going so far as to sign a parental consent form.

Judge Robin Chittum of the 4th Judicial District said that the minor had been searching for spiritual guidance when he came to the priest.

“He found that in you, Father Manning,” she said. “And you turned that and took that away from him.”

Chittum said she considered giving the priest jail time, but decided against it after realizing Manning would spend most of that time in a hospital.

The priest and his lawyers are glad that he was given four years of probation instead of jail time.

“It’s a little longer than I would have hoped,” Manning said. “I doubt that I’ll live long enough to serve it all.”

Phuck not giving him jail time. We’re sure they’re people in jail who will carry his oxygen tank for him (side eye).

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