Hell And The High Water: 10 Questions After Watching Night’s “Scandal” Premiere

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10 Questions From Season 3 Episode 1 Of Scandal

The season premier of Scandal was last night and everyone was talking about the array of blockbuster moments. We had our usual mystery, crazy dialogue and a disappointing lack of chop downs.

Still, lots of questions to ask and not enough answers. Here’s our first weekly edition of burning questions about the season 3 premiere of Scandal.

1. What really happened to Olivia Pope’s mother? – We know her dad is a stone cold killer. Did he have something to do with her death?

2. What was in that file? – Cyrus saw what happened during Fitz’s mission, but what was it?!

3. Why hasn’t Mellie given Olivia the fade? – Seriously. She deserves it.

4. So Olivia is a h*e? – She partied in college and dates old, rich guys? So she’s sort of a gold-diggin’ skeezer, no?

5. Is Quinn still crazy? – Wasn’t she a happy-go-lucky killer at the end of last season?

6. Will Olivia find out that Fitz leaked her name? – Cold world.

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    7. What’s the First Lady’s secret? – She’s a little too high and mighty. We bet she’s hiding something…maybe her own affair?

    8. Who else in Olivia’s family is going to show up? – Our bet is a grandmother.

    9. What’s up with Olivia and her dad? – They have a complex relationship and we want to know more about it.

    10. Where does Liv get her white jackets? – Because they’re pretty fly.

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