Police Ain’t Isht: Undercover NYPD Cops Stood And Watched As Biker Gang Beat Dad For Range Rover Crash!

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Doesn’t sound like “serving” or “protecting” to us…

Undercover NYPD Cops Watched As Biker Gang Beat Range Rover Crash Dad

Via NYDailyNews

An undercover NYPD detective, afraid of blowing his cover, watched a frothing motorcycle mob terrorize a defenseless Manhattan dad, the Daily News learned Friday.

The off-duty officer was one of two detectives riding Sunday with the two-wheeled thugs who yanked Alexian Lien from his Range Rover and inflicted a beatdown near W. 178th St. in front of the driver’s family, a source told the Daily News.

Also on Friday, police sources said, the bloodthirsty biker who pulled Lien from his SUV surrendered to authorities.

Reggie Chance, 38, turned himself in and was being questioned at the 33rd Precinct in Washington Heights on Friday night, officials said.

He allegedly bashed in Lien’s driver’s-side window with his helmet and pulled him out of the vehicle to be beaten by the merciless mob in front of his frightened family following the confrontation on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

He was the second biker involved in the crazed attack to surrender Friday. Accompanied by a lawyer, Robert Sims, 35, of Brooklyn — who was caught on tape running up to the Range Rover and trying to pull one of its doors open — turned himself in at 3 p.m., officials said. Sims was charged with gang assault, assault and criminal possession of a weapon, among other charges.

As for the shady cops…

The police source said the detective wasn’t investigating anyone on the ride, but he thought he could pick up some tips about criminal activity.

“It was like cold calling,” said the source

The detective left once he knew police were on their way and several people had rushed to Lien’s aid.

Why didn’t the officer break his role and stop the biker gang? Well…

Neither cop informed their superiors that they attended the ruthless ride for several days.

The detective told colleagues he didn’t want to end up like Detective Gescard Isnora, an undercover cop involved in the Sean Bell shooting, the source said. Isnora stepped out of his undercover role and fired the first shot as four officers blasted the Queens man with a 50-shot fusillade in 2006. Isnora was fired and lost his pension and health benefits for shooting his weapon while undercover.

In other words, he chose his job over the health of an innocent citizen being assaulted. Oh, the irony…SMMFH

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