SMH: Bearded Homeless Woman Popped After Twerking In Front Of Innocent Schoolchildren

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Florida Woman Arrested For Dancing In Front Of Children

Via Orlando Sentinel reports:

A woman was arrested Tuesday, accused of “dancing in a vulgar manner” in front of a school bus full of kids.

According to the arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Valerie Dixon, 27, grabbed herself and screamed profanities at a school bus waiting to turn at an intersection on U.S. Highway 27.

A deputy on patrol said he saw Dixon “bent over at the waist, holding her ankle with one hand.” The deputy said her other hand was “grasping her genital area.”

All the while, children on the bus looked on, the deputy said.

Dixon was charged with disorderly conduct and booked into Lake County Jail.

The sheriff’s office said she has a history of complaints, including being banned from multiple businesses, but no criminal charges.

You kinda have to feel sorry for the bearded lady. She was just trying to pop, lock and drop it for the kids! If Miley can do it, why can’t she?

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