Are You Feelin This Get-Up??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Naomi Campbell attended an 80’s themed party this weekend in London rockin a see thru leopard catsuit exposing her booty cheeks to the world. We wonder if she wore the fanny pack all night, otherwise there would be some full frontal action going on as well.  What a tight little booty she has…nice.

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  • dontaskme4shyt

    Hell no!

  • dontaskme4shyt

    And I dont remember anyone walking around in the 80’s looking like that

  • kai


  • Bahama Mama


    wait let me stop she might chuck a blackberry @ me.

  • nahnah

    is that guy trying to smack her ass?

    anyway, she looks stank,and her ass is mighty flat.

  • Richard

    That booty used to be higher, rounder and tighter

  • Sun Goddess

    Who told her this was cute?

  • backyard

    she looks like a transexual

  • Dalia

    This old broad needs to get somewhere and sit her ass down.


    I thought she was Dennis Rodman

  • Lik_Wid_Cherry

    Egh! I always said that she was really a man. Usher dated he/she and he ended up marrying one.

  • I Stay SMH

    when aging goes wrong?

    she must think she has something to prove. we know you still got a body, Nomie…we know

  • Bahama Mama

    What in the mess does she have in her hair?? and that’s how the dressed in the 80’s in London?? YIKES..

  • Marsha

    Jesus take the wheel


    @ Bahama Mama

    Whats up Mama? Love the Gravatar.

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    So many things to say wrong but you know what? Her body is still sick (no homo)!

  • Bronx Brawler

    She must be still dusting her nose with fishscale

  • Richard

    @Bronx brawler

    Stop Hustlin

  • Bahama Mama


    Hey what it do? yea I have a Eff it attitude today and riley is my man! I swear if he was a little bit older and REAL. It’d be ON!

  • Adebesi

    Damn right I am feeling that outfit. Would not mind getting a handful and having those legs wrapped around me.

  • Chi mi

    Why in the world…? U know, there’s no point in even asking, because I know this chick is crazy. And isn’t it cold over there, while she’s airing her booty to the world? Or maybe this is her subtle way of telling people to kiss her azz> Just a theory.

    ^I’m taking a philosophy class this semester and everything is a conspiracy! LOL

  • Al-Anon

    Naomi is 37 years old and she looks great, but there comes a time when you need to STOP flashing flesh just because you think you look good. It’s time to grow up. It doesn’t mean you have to dress old or anything, just age appropriate.

    And I don’t remember anyone walking around in the 80’s looking like that, except for a few transvestites!


    @Bahama Mama

    LOL you are crazy. Did you see how I was gettin Hated on in the New York Blog? Fools was comin at me tough. I was like where is the love?

  • me

    naomi is 37 yrs old and looking damn good. i am quite hetero but if i had to switch hit, she’d be first on my list. there’s nothing wrong with her having a little fun. it’s a costume party for goodness sake. it’s not like she went to the grocery store in this outfit. she looks incredible. work it naomi!!!!!

  • Bahama Mama


    NO!! really?? ppl on here be too damn serious. i’mma have to go see. man ppl on here have issues! lol

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