What Had Happened Was: 10 Artists Who Forgot Their Lyrics While Performing [Video]

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No matter how much you LOVE an artist, it’s always funny when larger-than-life superstars embarrass themselves in public. Cost of fame? Absolutely.

Here are ten artists who forgot their lyrics while performing.

Humpback Hov has another elderly rapper moment while performing “No Church in the Wild.”

Yeezy Kardashian forgets “Good Life” lyrics at SXSW (start at 1:28).

Christina Aguilera remixes the National Anthem on live TV.

Drake has brain freeze while performing “The Motto” (start at 2:05).

Before struggle twerking her boyish-buns, Miley was somewhereinamerica forgetting her lyrics (start at 1:15).

Adele laughs off lyrics flub during “Chasing Pavements” performance.

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    will.i.am reads lyrics straight off his smartphone mid-performance (start at :45).

    KiD CuDi has classic stoner moment on stage. (start at 2:32).

    Lil’ B cuts song and admits he doesn’t know lyrics at packed show (start at :42).

    Pink struggles to remember lyrics and gives up mid-song (start at :38).

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