Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Allegedly Suffocated Her 19-Month-Old Son In Attempted Murder-Suicide

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That baby had his whole life ahead of him. So sad.

Mom Kills Son In Attempted Murder-Suicide

If she wanted to murder herself then fine, but to take an innocent little baby’s life is just selfish.

According to The NY Daily News

The mother of a baby boy who was found dead inside the family’s Brooklyn home wrote a ghastly suicide note but did not attempt to take her own life, a police source said Monday.

“Justin is dead and so am I,” the mom wrote before cops arrived at the Ocean Ave. building where she and little 19-month-old Justin Stephens lived.

Anna Thomas, who was arrested and charged with murder and manslaughter Monday, allegedly only finished half of her plan. Justin was dead, but the 20-year-old mother wasn’t.

Cops went to the home after getting a 911 call about an emotionally disturbed person at a window around 8 p.m. Sunday.

A knife was found at the scene, but neither Thomas or her little boy were stabbed or slashed, police sources said.

Police believe the baby may have been suffocated, according to sources.

Cassandre Celus, 18, who lives on the building’s second floor said her younger cousin spotted Thomas at the window — where she was dangling 19-month-old Justin.

“My little cousin saw her dangling the baby,” said Celus, a student studying French at St. John’s. She said she could hear Thomas shouting for help.

“She said ‘Call 911, my baby my baby,’” said Celus.

“I thought the baby was falling and she was trying to catch it,” the young student said. “She was screaming.”

Celus’ brother called 911 and an ambulance soon arrived.


The baby looked to be in grave condition when it was wheeled out, Celus said.

Neighbors said the young mother worked in health care.

The building super, Burim Havolli, 29, said Thomas moved in about two years ago with her aunt, whose name is on the lease.

“She was the best of the best (tenant),” said Havolli. “I never had a problem with her.”

“She was always friendly. ‘Hi, how are you doing.’ I’d go pick up the rent, she would give me a drink,” he said.

Another neighbor, who only identified himself as Michael, said he believes the child may have had a developmental disability.

“A single mother and a special needs child? I’m surprised you don’t see this kind of thing more often,” Michael said.

One fifth floor neighbor who declined to give her name said she saw Thomas, the child and a man she thought to be the child’s father smiling together over the weekend.

“She seemed so happy, I just saw them Sunday. She was with her baby daddy,” the neighbor said.

“(Justin) looked just like the mom. He was a cutie pie. You could definitely tell that he was special needs,” the neighbor added.

This crazy beyotch dangled the poor baby out the window. Damn.


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