Look At All These Racist Tweets After Pittsburgh High School Announced “Trayvon Martin Day” & Encouraged Students To Wear Hoodies

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Would you be opposed to a “Trayvon Martin Day?”

Racists Tweets In Response To “Trayvon Martin Day” At Pittsburgh High School

A group of high school administrators in Pittsburgh caught backlash from parents and community members alike after it was announced that the school would incorporate a “Trayvon Martin Day” into their homecoming spirit week festivities.

While the purpose of the day was clearly to honor the memory of 17-year-old Trayvon, who was senselessly gunned down by acquitted child murdered George Zimmerman last year, many felt it somehow sent the wrong message.

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Parents were upset after Carrick High School approved a plan to have a Trayvon Martin theme day during the school’s homecoming.

The homecoming committee, and school voted and approved the theme which is part of school spirit week.

Tensions have since eased and headlines have faded, but at Carrick High School, Martin’s memory has not. And to commemorate Martin, students planned to wear hoodies to make it a positive thing.

But it was not seen as positive by all.

“I am a little worried about that with the different people, how they’re going to react,” said parent Jennifer Kagle.

“If they want to wear the hoodies to represent him and the kind of person he was, they should do it,” said parent Bruce Bergener.

It brought up some controversy to the point where there were people giving mixed signals about it,” said Homecoming Committee member Javon Jordan.

After getting numerous complaints, the school now says the theme has been cancelled.

Although the ‘Trayvon Martin Day” has now been cancelled, more than few folks added their blatantly racist and offensive two cents in once word got out that the school had planned the day in the first place. Cause, you know, can’t have an opposing opinion without disrespecting the memory of this young mans’ life. SMH.

Take a look for yourself to see what we mean on the flip…

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