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Family Friend Says Black Soldier Who Yelled Racial Epithets Then Killed White Soldier Should Be Charged With Hate Crime

Monday we reported the story of white soldier Tevin Geike who was stabbed to death after being accosted by a group of black soldiers who screamed racial epithets at him before he was stabbed to death by Jeremiah Hill.

Prosecutor Mark Lindquist says there wasn’t enough evidence to support charging Hill with a hate crime.

Today, the mother of one of Tevin’s friends says there is a double-standard at play.

Via NYDailyNews

Turnipseed’s daughter was a close friend of Geike’s, and she considered the 20-year-old from South Carolina a son.

“Where’s the outrage?” Turnipseed said. “If this had been the other way around — black victims — then this would have been a hate crime.”

Lindquist said the facts didn’t support a hate crime charge. Two of Hill’s accused accomplices told investigators race wasn’t a factor and Geike’s friends said there weren’t any more slurs after the initial heckling, Lindquist said.

Police also concluded race wasn’t a motive, but didn’t elaborate.

Does she have a point? Wouldn’t we be up in arms if a white person called a brotha or sista the n-word prior to stabbing them to death??

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