People Aint Isht: Woman Escapes Obsessive Boyfriend By Jumping From Moving Car Topless And Barefoot

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She is lucky she escaped with her life.

Kidnapped Woman Escapes Car Topless And Barefoot

Women need to be careful about who they lay down with…so many psychos out here.

According to The NY Daily News

An abducted Missouri woman reportedly escaped from an obsessive ex-boyfriend Wednesday by jumping from a moving vehicle and running through the streets topless and barefoot.

Antoinette Leak, 28, is now recovering in a Kansas City hospital, surrounded by family members as the alleged kidnapper’s creepy motives remain fresh in her mind.

“He said he didn’t want her with no one else but him, but they hadn’t been together in over four months,” Leak’s mother, Kim Mitchell, told the Daily News.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified by police, reportedly showed up at Leak’s house and started banging on the doors and windows about 3:45 a.m. on Wednesday. Leak answered the door, and the man seized her and forced her into his Toyota Camry before driving off, police said.

“We know he showed up at her job last night,” said Mitchell. “He said, ‘You look nice behind that counter.'”

Leak said the man drove her around and repeatedly beat her. She tried to leap from the vehicle, but the suspect grabbed hold of her shirt and ripped it off as he forced her back into the car, local Fox affiliate WDAF said.

But Leak found another chance to leap for her life at 75th St. and Prospect Ave. She jumped from the vehicle, ran until she could no longer walk and called her family.

We know jumping from that moving car had to hurt…and she was shirtless too? Glad she got away from that monster though.

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