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These must be the same broads running around hollering bout — “I’m just thick!”

Via NY Daily News reports:

Do the women who wear plus-size clothing mind being described as “plus-size?”

A quarter of ladies size 14 and up like this term the best, but 28% would rather be described as “curvy,” a new survey revealed.

Retailer, which shares a parent company with Lane Bryant, polled 1,000 women and found that a quarter said their top choice was “full-figured.” Another 25% listed “plus-size” as their preferred term.

When asked what other words the fashion industry could use to describe their size, respondents suggested “average,” “normal” and “beautiful.”

More than half of the survey respondents said their curves were part of their identities. Although the majority (85%) of the women questioned said they think beautiful bodies can come in all different shapes and sizes, only 49% embraced their curves and felt fashionable in their own skin.

Women who were asked what was keeping them from celebrating their figures and dressing more fashionably cited cost, not feeling like a fashionable person, and having difficulty finding clothes in their size as barriers.

While 44% of curvy women said they enjoy dressing up for special occasions, an equal number admitted that they “dread having to find a suitable outfit but do my best to put together something that’s suitable.”

Many of the participants (69%) said their weigh fluctuates, so they have clothes in a range of sizes in their closets.

Curvy women draw fashion inspiration from the people who look like them, whether it be friends, family or plus-size role models, according to the poll.

Women sure love to be lied to, don’t they? SMH.

We understand the need to “fit in” and how some folks self esteem has to be massaged but if you’re wearing a size 22 those are ROLLS not curves.




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