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Marlo Hampton Denies Being A Gold Digger

Just because Marlo Hampton prefers to date up, she doesn’t think that makes her a gold digger.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

Marlo has often been accused of dating men only for their money, and her latest nemesis Diana Gowin has said as much to her face. An episode of “I Dream Of NeNe” does not go by without the pair getting into some kind of argument, and Diana often use Marlo’s dating history as a proof that she’s an opportunist.

The fashionista, formerly of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” doesn’t see things quite the same way. Although Marlo has dated some men that are a little more successful than the Average Joe, she feels perfectly deserving of men with status.

“I am single and I’m mingling. I’m dating. I’m not married and I don’t have any kids. One thing I’m big on is I don’t believe in settling,” she told “I feel that I’m gonna be with who I’m gonna be with and I’m gonna be happy; but if not, I’m just gonna stay in the gym, stay hot and fine and love Marlo.”

No one can say that Marlo doesn’t put herself first, and she thinks that’s a good example for other women in search of Mr. Right to follow. “Single ladies need to love themselves first. I love myself like no other. I try to be as confident as I can,” she explained. “Don’t get it twisted. I do have insecurities as every single woman does.”

She continued, “Diana says I just sleep with such and such for my lifestyle. It’s not that sweetie, I just have standards. I can do bad my my damn self.”

Marlo very much believes in the idea that what’s meant for you will gravitate towards you. However she doesn’t discount the notion that like attracts like, so she makes her best effort to “look like money” because she’ll catch the eye of man with plenty of his own. She advises that location is also key, stating, “Hang out at nice locations where you will attract nice things.”

But for all those people that see Marlo as nothing more than opportunistic date that’s only interested in men with pockets deeper than her own, she wants it to be known that she was once a sugar mama.

“I’m gonna tell you this. If I find a guy and he’s broke and I really love him, I hope he has fashion sense,” said Marlo. “I’m OK with it if he has that drive to get out there and work. When I dated Charles Grant, he wasn’t loaded. I had more money than him at the time. I was taking care of him.”

Say what you want about Marlo but that luxury car and condo are paid for! Do you think women should date up?



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