Esteria Smith drives blind father to hospital with brain tumor

Jesus Take The Wheel: 9-Year-Old Forced To Drive Speeding Car From Backseat When Father Goes Blind From Brain Tumor!

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This lil’ girl got heart, cuz.

9-Year-Old Esteria Smith Drives Blind Father To Hospital With Brain Tumor


John Smith recounted what started as a normal Monday for him and his 9 year old daughter, Esteria Smith.

“I took my daughter to karate class and was there and right as class was winding up. I started feeling not myself. Not a headache, but not myself” he explained. Esteria said she also noticed something was off.

“I start thinking to myself, ‘well what’s wrong with him? He’s not fussing. He’s not telling me how to do this. He’s not telling me how to do that’ Esteria said laughing. “Then, we got to the car and he was mumbling when he told me where we was going [the hospital] and he was walking really fast. I was like, ‘what’s happening?’ So, we got in the car and he started driving, but he was driving crazy!”

It wasn’t long before the situation took a turn for the worst.

“He told me he couldn’t see and started panicking saying, “‘I don’t know what to eat, I don’t know what to eat”‘ Esteria recalled. “Then, he gave me his phone, but didn’t tell me what to do! I didn’t know if I needed to call the ambulance or what I needed to do!”

But, she quickly figured it out. “I took over the whee!” she said with a proud smile.

Esteria goes on to say:

“He was fighting with me and I couldn’t make the turns that I needed to do” she told us. “He was pushing the accelerator and I was right here, [behind him in the backseat] reaching over him, driving with one hand. I hit a curve and we almost ran into the front of an ambulance!”

Nevertheless, the two made it to the hospital, and by that time, John had lost his vision, motor skills and memory, just before losing consciousness.

“She was still a trooper,” Tia Smith, Esteria’s mom said. “She was still by his bedside. It was not the best of conditions, another child would have probably panicked and continued to panic- she didn’t. She gave me a report, told me what happened, and gave the nursing staff his health history that she did know.”

Once in the ER, doctors discovered a golf ball sized, stage four tumor on the left side of John’s brain. They explained to the Smith’s that was the reason he lost control of his speech, memory and vision.

We’re not even sure that we, as grown azz people, would have had the wherewithal to keep our sanity in that situation. Esteria is one special little girl.

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