Dinner Dates: 10 Questions From Last Night’s Scandal

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10 Burning Questions From Last Night’s Scandal

We’re in week two of Scandal and everyone is still going crazy over it. So many questions, so little time. So let’s get to it: here are 10 burning questions from last night’s episode.

Is Huck Going To Kill Liv’s Dad? – Huck is going to do something…

Is The Senator The Saddest Character On TV? – Dude from the Cialis commercials can’t catch a break.

Olivia’s Mom? – We’re still trying to figure out what happened to her.

Why Is Janine So Dumb? – This fool really wanted JUST $2 million from the president for the cover up? Athletes pay more to shut broads up.

Next Week’s Wine Date – Oooohhhh what’s going to happen when Liv and her dad kick it again?

What’s Up With David’s goatee? – Dude looked like a serial molester back in the day.

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    Jake??!?!?! – Does this mean he’s going to be heading for Liv’s drawls now, too? Love triangle!

    Who keeps emails from five years ago? – Liv is the most careful person ever but she has emails from 2008 still cooking? She wasn’t using Hotmail back then?

    What was in those documents from last week? – What did Cyrus learn from Eli?

    Bangs Liv or no bangs Liv? – THIS IS AN IMPORTANT QUESTION!

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