Random Ridiculousness: Teacher Goes Batisht Crazy After Student Corrects Her Use Of The Term African-American, “I Know My F*****g S**t”

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This lady didn’t give a phuck.

Teacher Has Angry Tirade Over The Term African-American

Poor thang probably went off over her paycheck. These teachers don’t get enough money.

According to Raw Story

A Los Angeles teacher whose profanity-laced tirade was caught on an audio recording admits a student heckler got the best of her.

The outburst took place Sept. 26 during a lesson on race and ethnicity at the Humanities and Art Academy in Harbor City, The Daily Breeze reported Wednesday.

The teacher, whose name has not been released, said she was trying to explain that the term, “African-American,” is at least partially inaccurate.

“You’re an American first,” she said, adding that her family came from Italy, but she doesn’t call herself an Italian-American.

The teacher said one student repeatedly told her she was wrong and then used her cell phone to record the teacher’s angry reaction.

“I know my f–-g s—t,” the teacher can be heard saying. “Don’t f—- with that. I’m tired of trying to educate you, and you guys resist every step of the f—–g way. Get the f—- out of here.”

The teacher admits she lost her cool, but she said she was also hurt that the student had recorded her outburst and then turned the recording over to another faculty member with whom she doesn’t get along.

“I was trying to explain the difference between race and ethnicity, and this girl kept poking the bear,” she said.

She also pointed out that the student had broken school rules by using her cell phone in class.

The teacher has been placed on paid leave while the Los Angeles Unified School District investigates the incident.

Students told KTLA-TV that they had forgiven the teacher, saying that students at the school can be tough on faculty members.

“It is wrong to be cussing, at students especially, but a lot of kids here aggravate the teachers,” student Aaron Taylor said. “She’s a good teacher. Everybody makes mistakes and she’s only human.”

Another student pointed out the teacher had apologized.

“Everybody forgave her,” Summer Washington said. “That’s our favorite teacher.”

But another student told KNBC-TV that the 10-year veteran teacher should be fired.

“They’re not supposed to react like that no matter what the situation was,” said student Carla Mateo.

The student was wrong for “poking the bear,” but teachers should adhere to a certain level of professionalism. You have to watch what you say with today’s technology.


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