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  • I dont get it!

    Suri is such a pretty little girl

  • pat

    kim’s older sister…has always been gorgeous……chloe…no comment

  • whateva!!!

    Kim looks like she had some work done.SMDH Her sis looks better.

  • CC

    Kim and Kourtney both look great.

  • joyce

    Kourtney DEFINITELY went to the same plastic surgeron who perform Kim’s breast augmentation. Kourtney has never been that stacked.

    The doctor did do a great job, though…

  • really?

    I would lick either one’s ass…

  • chocomama68


  • charlieblanko


  • cala

    oh, she is very sexy. And i wonder if you have profile on “herpesloving com — a herpes dating site

  • Woudat X

    Kim K’s sis in this pic wit’er can get the bizness furreal…. khloe.. not so much…

  • Woudat X

    Kourtney that’s it!

  • Mean Gurl (W3LCOM3 2 H3ARTBR3AK)

    Kim I clicked on F-Listed and I say STOP!! Reggie sit your woman down and tell her she is beautiful and enough is enough. Kim do you have too much time on your hands or too much money?? Which is it?Go help someone less fortunate, Go blow some stacks on a charity Kim, and stop before you have one to many surgeries. why couldn’t you just get ya breast done and a lil tummy tuck?? You went and jacked up your face. Looks like you still had swelling, threw on some makeup and went to this big event like no one would notice it..

    Yall are going to get enough of running to these doctors like they are Gods.

  • Marquis de Sade

    I want to exchange bodily fluids with both. Khortney does have tha Porno Star look about her, though.

  • chickmagnetstuff

    Kim is hot way hotter than her sister


    it’s a shame .. kim looked better than most women in hollywood and decided to get something done .. it look like she got the same stupid azz ridiculous azz cheek implants vicia foxx just retired. what is really wrong with these women?

  • Bernadette

    Kourtney looks better she looks like a natural pretty woman. I dont like Kim’s new cheeck implants it makes her face look to big. She need to fall back on all of that plastic surgery.

  • Swag-a-licious

    Kourtney does look better now…Kim messed up with all the surgery. Kourtney has a better body as well. What makes Kourtney boring unfortunately is who she dates. She dates “nobody” white guys, which is cool but not smart if you want to be famous, for nothing. None of the sisters have talent, but Kourtney is the definitely the most marketable.

    Mom should switch her focus to showing Kourtney’s a$$, everybody already seen Kim’s. Neeext.

  • heyuuuuuguys

    Probably get burnt but I’d hit it.

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