Thuggin’ On Social Media: K.Michelle Rides On “Monkey Lookin'” Instagram Follower After Snubbing Her Photo Request

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We get it… K.Michelle never had any fawks to give — but is this how to treat a fan? Over the weekend we received an email from a young woman who had a terrible experience with K.Michelle in person that only turned worse when she took it to social media.

K Michelle from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop was seen last night at Ricardo’s Restaurant in Harlem and was asked to take a picture with a fan (a young friend of mine). K Michelle rudely replied no, and left the restaurant with co-star Yandy Smith, and friends. After leaving, K posted a picture of herself with friends, i wrote under her picture saying “It must be nice to not take pictures with your fans tonight etc. Thank You For letting a few happy people down tonight….”(visible in her feed)

K Michelle replied and insulted me by writing terrible insults/a racial slur like “Shut Up Monkey Looking Girl…… My job is not to take pictures etc… Get a life and find yourself a new weave supplier etc. ” Her fans proceeded to tag along and cheer her on for bullying and insulting me, a simple fan who admires her but was disappointed in her behavior.

I really admired K Michelle and saw her as a beautiful who women hated on for no reason, I admired her music, and still love her voice. It’s unfortunate that an upcoming celebrity would publicly insult and humiliate a fan. After the comment was made her fans continued to harass me and insult me as well. She expresses being a role model etc. but she displayed so many acts of disrespect and insults on her social media. Why come to New York if your going to insult the people there? Round of Applause to her.

Do you think after all African Americans Have Been Through an African American Reality TV Star should be able to refer to a young African American Fan as a monkey? It’s bullying like that, that sets young people into depression and poor confidence. She claims to be a role model but she will discourage a female fan at the drop of a dime. K Michelle is a Monster.

She raises some good points here. Do you agree with her?

Perhaps seeing the actual comments will help you make up your mind. Hit the flip to see the commentary.

Okay so writing long posts on IG doesn’t seem to be working in her favor, but it only gets worse when K. Michelle herself chimes in. Hit the flip for that.

Yikes… Did K.Michelle go too far? She wasn’t done yet either.

Looks like things got really ugly. Do you think that K.Michelle set a poor example for her other followers with the namecalling?

So who do you agree with? It seems fair that a celeb should be able to have some privacy sometimes and not only take photos but isn’t the name-calling unnecessary? Also, if it’s a young fan, as the commenter claims — shouldn’t a celeb make an exception?

What do you think?


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