Jesus Take The Wheel: South Carolina Man Won’t Be Tried For Murder Of Black Teen Behind “Stand Your Ground” Law

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Black life ain’t worth $#!t

South Carolina Man Spared Murder Trial Due To Stand Your Ground


A Columbia man arrested in the 2010 shooting death of a Keenan High School student won’t be tried for murder, a Richland County judge has ruled.

Judge Maite Murphy filed an order stating that Shannon Anthony Scott reasonably believed his life was in danger and it entitled to immunity under the state’s Protection of Persons and Property ACT, otherwise known as the Castle Doctrine or “Stand Your Ground” law.

Scott was arrested on April 18, 2010 and charged with murder in the death of 17-year-old Darrell Andre Niles. The teen had been found shot to death in his car.

Shortly before the shooting, an SUV filled with young people who had threatened Scott’s teenage daughter drove by his house and fired shots. Authorities say Smith then saw Niles’ car and fired his gun from his front yard, hitting Niles, who was not armed, in the head.

Scott’s attorney, state Rep. Todd Rutherford, argued that the defendant’s actions were protected under the Castle Doctrine, which states, in part, that a person in his or her own home or vehicle has no duty to retreat from an aggressor.

Kind of like how Trayvon didn’t have to retreat from George fat azz…

Murphy finalized her ruling on September 30. “I hearby conclude that the Defendant is entitled to the grant of immunity under the Act because he and his family were clearly under attack,” she wrote. “The Legislature clearly did not intend for any father to stand idly by as his family lay on the kitchen floor in fear of being shot and killed.”

Rutherford was pleased with the ruling.

“I think this judge’s decision is strong,” said Rutherford. “I think again the mistake was made in not arresting those female thugs who were going to do the drive-by.”

Niles’ mother, Deatra Niles, can’t believe Scott may never come to court

“It’s not right; it’s not right,” said Niles. “Just to think he took my child’s life away when my baby was helping his child get home.”

The family worries evidence they know exists proving this isn’t ‘stand your ground’ may never be heard.

“Shannon shot first,” said Niles. “The truth needs to be out there, the roommate testified, Eric, Boo Boo’s best friend that was in the car testified. If you sit and look at the whole case the distance everything from where he shot from.”

One would think that shooting an innocent by-stander wouldn’t fall under the “stand your ground” defense, but hey, what do we know…

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