Hi Hater: Black Tea Party Houseboy Kevin Jackson Says “America Needs A White Republican President!”

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Is he right?

Kevin Jackson Says “America Needs A White Republican President!”

In an article on his blog, The Black Sphere, Tea-Party activist Kevin Jackson decalres that intra-racism has intensified in the United States since the election of President Barack Obama and, because of this, the nation needs a White, Republican president.

Via NewsOne reports:

According to Jackson, it is blind, Black loyalty and not virulent, White racism that is fueling the ugliness that we’ve seen in the past six years. Black critics of President Obama are often called racists or Uncle Toms by their own people, unable to criticize the president without facing the wrath.

While some legitimate Black critics of President Obama are often — and erroneously — lumped in with conservatives who would rather choke on their own bigotry rather than accept a Black president, Jackson uses the intellectually dishonest argument that a White Republican would solve the racial divide we are currently facing, simply by virtue of being White.
Now ain’t that a kick in the head.

Doing the traditional GOP side-step, Jackson argues that Black people united in their quest for civil rights would be able to recognize the face of the government enemy, if he (or presumably she) were White, while conveniently forgetting that White supremacy — in Black or White face — is the backbone of the Tea-Party he represents.

Clearly suffering from a case of Romnesia, or the effects of Ted Cruz‘s spiked tea, Jackson says nothing of Nixon’s Southern Strategy, which changed the core and the motives of the Republican Party; nor does he mention the fact that President Obama has continued and expanded several of George W. Bush‘s policies, nor that The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a conservative healthcare law – miles away from the single payer option that liberals have been fighting so diligently toward.

What a lost sad soul. America has always had a white president and where has it gotten us? Slaves like this is the reason why black folks keep moving backwards. Read the entire piece and prepare to shake your head violently.

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