What Are You Doing? Paula Patton’s Most Bizarre TMI Moments

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Paula Patton’s Most Bizarre Moments

Paula Patton acts a damn fool when she goes out in public. She’s either talking about chopping down her husband or acts like she’s high as brontosaurus sacks. We’ve gathered some of these slore-y moments for your pleasure. Really…what’s up with Paula?

Doing It With Robin – She said that after coming off tour they like to do it in marathon sessions until their legs get weak. Thanks.

The BET Awards – She was gone off of something and it was weird.

The ESPYs – There, too.

Big Peen Poppin – She also said that her man has a large…um…yeah. TMI.

Twerking For Arsenio – Ugh.

Twerking For Al Roker – MAKE IT STOP!!!!

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    She Stalked Robin? – She said she went to Robin Thicke’s house and hid in the bushes to see if he was cheating. Crazy, much?

    Thicke Puts It Down – He added to the fray by saying Paula has intense “O” feelings when they have marriage time.

    These Pics – Um..they’re not bizarre or anything but we just wanted to look at them. Hot dayuuum!

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