The Good, Bad & Raggedy: 10 Burning Questions From The 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards

- By Bossip Staff
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This year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards were lazy, forgettable and ultimately terrible with the worst audience in Award show history. At some point, you’d think BET would master “the Award show” but they still struggle with the basics and leave you underwhelmed with countless unanswered questions.

Here are ten burning questions from the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Take a look.

Papoose is the teflon roach in your Granny’s house who won’t die no matter how many times you Raid it. Why won’t he just scamper back into the darkness?

We know it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month but WHY does Ricky Rawse insist on flashing everyone with his chicken gravy-stained man-boobs?

Why does BET keep airing AWARD shows without actual AWARDS? Why not just make them hour-long specials?

Had Future known his honesty would get him fired from Drake’s tour would he still have performed “Honest” at the show?

2 Chainz dressed like a BlackBerry PIN barcode in 2013 on purpose? WHY?

Who’s iller than Kendrick Lamar right now? Hopefully he stays at least 500-feet from Erykah Badu at all times and never looks in her eyes.

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    How many members of the A$AP Mob are there? Why are there so many? Are we really supposed to care about all these random A$APs at one time?

    Has Mannie Fresh always been this androgynous? Or is this new?

    Hovvie Hov, Yeezy Kardashian, Drizzy Drake and Lil Wayne skipped the Awards. They’re too good for BET now?

    People aren’t tired of Uncle Snoop yet? He’s been rapping and adding -izzle to words for most of our lifetime.

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