Mind Your Manners: Men Who Need To Learn Respect For Women

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Men Who Need To Respect Women More

Black women are the best. They’re queens and deserve the utmost respect. Some men just don’t see it that way. Whether they know it or not, they’re being pretty horrible to Black women. Let’s get it over with and put these guys to shame.

Chris Brown – He keeps calling the woman he beat up a promiscuous person. Not quite the best way to endear himself.

Kenan Thompson – He said Black women aren’t funny enough for SNL.

Chief Keef – His cronies are beating up women on social media videos and he’s alleged to have gotten a middle school girl pregnant. Yuck.

Kirk – His national TV show appearance where he treated his boo with such disrespect was a major turnoff.

Dwight Howard – All those baby mommas? All that shade? Get it together.

Herman Cain – He put his secretary’s head by his zipper and said, “you want a raise, don’t you?”…damn

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    John Mayer – He said his peen was immune to Black women. WTF.

    A$AP Rocky – He peeved off a lot of Black women with his lipstick comments.

    Terrence Howard – He’s been accused of hitting his woman, calling Black women “antiquated” and talked about Oprah’s tig ol’ bitties.

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