Poor Thang: Kelly Rowland in Atlantic City

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland tickets for her performance November 23rd at the House of Blues in Atlantic City are complimentary. Of course there is some special Ticketmaster gobble up turkey promotion going on, but damn, Kelly, Clay Aiken tickets are being auctioned off starting at 80 bucks a pop, and his ass didn’t even win American Idol. SMH.

This is just a clear sign that Kelly start dabbling into other arenas careerwise. Countdown time to “When the Checks Stop Coming In”.

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  • Al-Anon

    Is complimentary the same as free?

    Why is is she working for free?

  • TexasDude

    Kelly is the black Kathy Griffin — a “D list” celebrity trying so hard to increase her stature… and its totally not working. She’s really trying too hard. Give it up kelly.

    …also…people actually pay $80 to see Clay Gayken?

  • adsa

    Kelly Rowland is ass anyways, with her coonstastic song “Ghetto”. What ghetto is she from, Black folks need to stop bigging up the ghetto. It’s the bottom, and it’s for losers………….

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    She really needs to get from under Bee’s shadow. She can really sing and it’s a shame her talent is being hindered. Anyhoo, maybe she should look into acting, or whatever else these entertainers turn to when the singing thing isn’t going so hot.

  • TexasDude


    Normally in cases like this, the artist doesn’t work for free. In this case Kelly would make her money from the appearance/performance fee paid to her by the corporate sponsor (in this case Ticketmaster).. rather than getting paid from ticket revenue.

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    Nobody want no fu*ked up actor, either. And she should only do that if she can do that.

    I’m sayin.


  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH


  • Mrs

    Poor Kelly. She is gorgeous

  • Bahama Mama

    why I can’t stop laughing?

  • Sara

    all I can say is – interesting. Love her or hate her you CANNOT deny that she has been one of the most influential and important female performers of all time. The proof is in the sales, the records and the awards. That is exactly why this is so interesting to me. Is Whitney Houston really about to begin the second phase of her already illustrious career or is this just another fakeout?

    I am excited to see exactly what she can do now. And, being a lover of music and talent- even though her type of music isnt typically my type- I hope she does amazingly well and that her voice in intact. Lets be honest- it just might be the single greatest voice of all time.

  • Mandy Sturchio

    yeah, i don’t even want the free tickets and i loves freebees!

  • Kim

    Why can’t she just sing back up for Beyaki same goes for Solo. I feel sorry for her but at least she got paid for the time she was in DC. Leave your country ass manager for someone that will actually do something for you!!!

  • Kim

    Why is she wearing that thing!!!

  • Sun Goddess

    Making it in the music industry is hard. One minute, your look is in the other, you’re just a person who used to sing with someone else. I wouldn’t count Kelly out. She should take a break and let the inspiration hit her naturally.


    because she is with the wrong manager , who is trying to make her beyonce number 2 .. This girl is a fool when is she going to wake up ..

    word to kelly

    girl you got money , due the charity circut , become a socialite , travel to africa and other countries like angelina jolie ..;. don’t ruin your name by performing crappy songs , and giving free concerts . your better than that .

  • Notch

    lol @ sara talking about whitney…

    u should follow whitneys golden rule boo…

    Crack is wack!!

  • Moreaces

    Or maybe she should just go off broadway, and do some plays, She should try and hook up with Tyler Perry,, I think she has talent, just over shadowed by Bey.

  • Al-Anon



    Normally in cases like this, the artist doesn’t work for free. In this case Kelly would make her money from the appearance/performance fee paid to her by the corporate sponsor (in this case Ticketmaster).. rather than getting paid from ticket revenue.



    Thanks for answering. I was wondering how that worked.

  • Mary J Blige

    @ Sara

    WTF???????? I can’t believe you wrote ALL of that on the wrong person. LOL

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspost.com Bird

    One of these days she’s going to do like I say and start another group. She can even lead it. She just doesn’t have that special ingredient to be a solo artist. I guess she felt she could do it if Latoya could, but I don’t think she has IT either.

  • http://lacydpage.hi5.com lacyd

    Yeah, Sara has got to be white, you know how they think we all look alike. That’s too funny.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    ROFLMAO@ Sara and her Whitney posts. Ah, these cyber nuts!! Hilarious.

  • Dalia

    When is she going to wake up and get herself a manager who will focus on HER?????

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    @ Derek, per you question “On a side note, why are you called “Mary J. Blige” lol?”

    Ummm, ’cause she’s a crazy, delusional broad who has no life, zero personality and has to fraudulently steal the identity of a celeb for validation and self-worth. Sad, isn’t it…yet kinda entertaining. *shrugging* It’s the internet, you get all kinds…:-)

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