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Kanye West covers the GQ Men of the Year issue and had some kind words for his mother at a recent concert in Brussels:

“There’s nothing that she loved more than to come to the show and scream louder than any fan. She was my first fan that was screaming before anyone else….”

“If she was here, she would tell me, ‘Get on that stage and kill it, dawg!'” he said. “That was her favorite word: ‘dawg.'”

“She would tell me, ‘Take over the world and be No. 1 like I taught you to be. I wanna dedicate this to my mother because of the words, the lyrics … It says what she would want me to do, and that’s to not stop believing.”

Click Here to watch the video.


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  • JawJa Swag

    Love tha cover Keep ya head up ‘Ye

  • sexiichar


  • luv

    i feel for you kanye…

  • Cover Girl

    That is so sweet. His mom was very supportive of him no matter what anyone else says. I hope that my child and i would have an untouchable, unconditional love like Ye and his mom.

    RIP Dr. West

  • Nadiyah

    Folks…hit up the website and donate. It doesn’t take much – $5, $10, $20.

  • Nadiyah
  • The Prime Minister

    RIP Dr. West.

    Kanye’s got great management. How’d he get man of the year?

  • colocha

    My heart goes out to him. I’m really sorry for his loss… but is that eyeliner???

  • lacyd

    It is a nice cover.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    I said this yesterday when so many others were saying he should take time off:

    “There are many stages of grief and maybe instead of people thinking it’s too soon, think about the fact that maybe being on the stage and being surrounded by the love and sympathy of thousands may in fact, on some level, be cathartic for him. We all heal differently and he’ll figure out what works for him and what doesn’t…”

  • Baby Please

    @ Just Sit And Be Pretty

    I was one of them that said, “you should take a break.” But you’re right, actually. Who are we to say how he should handle his grief.

    I stand corrected.

  • Dr. Heather

    I am so proud of him for praising his mother and having the strength to continue doing what she would want him to do..

    RIP, Dr. West

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    @ Baby, because I’ve lost a parent and I know how deep that grief runs, I’d never presume to tell someone how to handle it or what to do or not do.

    For example, my boyfriend and I have a police officer friend who died a few months back after having a terrible argument with his wife. Well, today she’s already out there dating and my man is soooo pissed thinking it’s disrespectful, too soon, etc. However, I see it a bit differently. No one lives in her head or heart to know what she went through or is going through during the marriage or even when he died…or the emotional aftermath. Therefore, I can’t rush to judgment, but pray that in time, she’ll heal. My man, on the other hand is ready to throw her under a bus.

  • paula

    She sounds like she was a good mother and influence in his life- I pray he continues to heal.

  • atlien

    There will come a time when it hits him like a brick truck. I wish him well. I lost my mother and went back to doing what i was doing. Dedicating my everyday to her. The friends,family and the fans are helping him. But eventually he will need time to reflect. It can only make him stronger. It crazy that when my mother died i played roses everyday off his album. It help get through my grief because it told a story that i could relate to. I wish the family the best. I dont tell people who lost a a love one anything but wear it like a tatoo, grief never goes away.

  • j

    I thought this cover was shot before her death?

  • Kanye Fan

    Not to take anything away from Kanye’s pain but his music right now makes hip hop look bad. When you listen to like Jay’s new album and Lil’Wayne, etc their music isn’t even close to Kanye’s. Like he said he want’s to create a brand of music when you hear his album’s. He is the Charmin Tissue of toilet paper. He is the Luster’s Pink Lotion of hair product. He is the Tropical Punch of kool aid!



    i must agree with you … grief never goes away /it is one of the notches of life.

  • j

    and by the way, some people grieve differently, I lost a baby November 2001. The doctor told me I could try again and in January 02 I was pregnant. I was blessed with a beautiful daughter. She’s terrible, but I love her.

  • Soul Cry

    Love Kanye…love his lyrics, his beats, and his stance. Yeah, I know he can be cocky, but I think it’s misread. That being said, and oddly enough, I believe his mother’s death, RIP, will help him evolve to another person, another level, persay.

  • Sara

    this human being is amazing hes actually

    a true hip-hop artist [he raps about real things]

    not like those commercial lame hip-hop

    artist we have right now

  • bc

    What?!? “Dawg” was the favorite word of an educated black woman??? I don’t think I would have put that out there about my mom. People should think before they speak.

  • j


    just because you’re educated doesn’t mean you can’t use slang…

  • david

    He must feel miserable knowing that it was his money that killed his mother.

  • Nico

    @J…lmbo at “she’s terrible,but I love her”

    @BC…thats real..we all code switch..we can be super proper and super lazy with the tongue…its like yin and yang.

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