Wyclef Says Lauryn Needs Psychiatric Help

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Wyclef Jean went on the radio in Chicago recently and discussed his relationship with Lauryn Hill. He says she’s bi-polar, needs to go to a psychologist, but says she is definitely not on drugs. He also sounded a bit cocky with his statements:

“So I would say that after our relationship she went through whatever she had to go through but this is like 14years later…she gotta get it straight!”

Is it really like that? I don’t think that Wyclef, even with an insane amount of voodoo, would be able to put it on a woman like that. Messed up for 14 years? Wyclef definitely needs to get over himself.  He got L-Boogie sounding like a crazo for real.

Click Here for the audio.

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  • kelis


  • kelis

    I love L Boogie…. I hope she gets better because I miss her music!!!!!!! 😦

  • kelis

    And it’s not Wyclef that got her messed up, its that damn Marley dude. Clef, u trippin!

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspost.com Bird

    We all know Lauren is touched. I doubt Wyclef did it to her. It was something that was predestined to happen at a certain point in her life which just happened to be a few years after Wyclef had an adulterous relationship with her. He’s forgetting that Miseducation of Laurn Hill came out after they “broke up” so he shouldn’t be taking “credit” for her warped mental state.

  • Dalia

    Whatever her problem is, his ugly ass has nothing to do with it. He’s the kind of person that you get over in about 5 seconds….ewwwwwww!!!!!

  • Bahama Mama

    sometimes u gotta be a lil crazy…but I do miss her music tho’

  • let em know!

    this is old news. next.

  • Morpheus

    Maybe she’s sane and WE’RE all crazy…

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    She needs to fix herself for real so we can get this album in the stores people! When they were getting back together, she wanted to produce some tracks. An based on her past albums excluding the first, HELL NAW!

    But it’s never good to sleep with your coworkers because of THIS!!!!!!!

    (I should talk, I married my manager at work lol)

  • Anonymous3

    Lauren may have had a relationship with Wyclef but I think he is arrogant to think that she is messed up because of him…maybe their business relationship did not end well but from what the public saw, her issues came after she got with the Marley brother and started having babies….

  • Sun Goddess

    Don’t play with Vodou. I have respect for that religion. If used for good, it can lead to revoultions (August 1781-Haiti), but if used to curse folk, it can kill you…..

  • Just a thought...

    14 years? Damn, it’s been that long since their first album?

  • Hope

    Wyclef just can’t keep Lauryn’s name out of his mouth in hopes to keep himself relevant! Who are we to judge and say Lauryn needs help. I’ve heard her speak and she’s brilliant. I don’t blame her for not wanting to work with an obvious jerk!

  • http://www.gravatar.com JawJa Swag

    Damn L boogie I hope she does get right……for yall hatin on Wycelf he prolly did break her ass off….Uneva know

    We need an album from her though asap


    @Bahama Mama

    What it do Ma?

    Your right on point aint nothin wrong with being a little crazy it balances you out. I miss her music too. Get well L- Boogie

  • jazzyphile

    If you read the quote, he never said he is responsible for her behaviour.

    He’s right as she needs to get herself together and probably needs professional help. She has a gift but if you can’t harness it properly, it’s a waste.

    Stop falling for the “flavor of the month”. Wyclef is talented, too. He can produce, actually play the guitar ans write. What does Jay-Z play: Tape!

  • http://www.google.com Moomoo

    when ‘Mary J Blige’ eventually turns up on this post talkin ish, would some of you kindly direct her to the statement below

    “she’s bi-polar, needs to go to a psychologist”


  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, it’s not Wyclef, it’s Rohan that dickmatized her and messed her up!! I wish she would come back over to the other side…every once in awhile, I’ll still play Miseducation *sigh* and hope for a comeback.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LMAO @ Moomoo, no doubt the Mary will show up talking about what she did with Lauren back in the day or how they kicked it or some other craziness!! 🙂

  • Chi mi

    I think that Marley she was dealing with gave her some laced Ganja. She hasn’t been the same since….

  • Moomoo

    @ ‘Just Sit And Be Pretty’

    hahaha!!!! You know her too well. Its always “i remember back when me and Lauren kicked it etcc….”. I will be checking back here in a lil while to see what ignant mess she gon say about us *rolls eyes*

  • Nico

    Y in the world does Wyclef think Lauryn is messed up over him?? He is really smelling himself for that. She clearly is going through it because of Mr. Marley…duh!

  • Bahama Mama

    Hiya M-Daddy

    Yea sometimes u gotta listen to the voices in ya head! I do. JOKING! but yea her music was the ish!

  • hey

    ok, just listened to the audio. wish there were more. anyway, it doesn’t sound like Wyclef was trying to be cocky and say Lauryn was still sprung over him 14 years later. i took it as him saying that after they broke up yes she was heartbroken BUT now 14 years later she’s going through some things and he can’t be the total blame for her current mental/emotional state because their breakup was 14 years ago.

    anyway, why is Wyclef putting all of Lauryn’s business out there like that…and to Miss yuck Jones of all people? atleast take it to Oprah. yeah that’s right, Oprah.

  • hey

    ^^was that Miss Jones on the radio? ah well, it sounded like her. anyway, my statement still holds.

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