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Aunt Patti had to let those fools out in the A know what time it was during her concert:

Veteran singer Patti Labelle stunned fans at a recent concert when she interrupted her set to launch a vicious attack on the venue where she was performing. The Lady Marmalade hitmaker was in the middle of her Sunday concert (15Feb09) at the Boisfeuillet Jones Civic Center in Atlanta, Georgia when she kicked off her heels and walked across the stage, prompting her rant about the 40-year-old building’s cleanliness.

She requested a towel to wipe her feet before asking the crowd: “When is someone going to take the time to fix up this theater?  “I’ve been coming to this city for 50 years. This isn’t right. You’ve got Mickey mice back there (backstage) and roaches. I’m a diabetic, and I couldn’t eat back there.” The R&B singer’s voice broke as she added: “I’m up here looking all cute, but I’m suffering inside. You all deserve to be sitting in better seats. I can’t stand this place.” City commissioner Dianne Harnell Cohen has since defended the venue, insisting: “We are baffled by Ms. LaBelle’s comments. “The civic center is not a new building, and no public money is spent to upkeep it. All money raised for the venue’s upkeep comes from revenue generated from the shows booked there.”

If you didn’t know, you better ask somebody.  Patti is a diva and divas, especially the older ones, can act a complete donkey any (snap), damned (snap), time (snap, snap) they want.

More pics of Patti below.

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