You Big Dummy: Woman Asks Undercover Cop To Kill Her Husband And Mutual Friend

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Today in dumbazz criminal news…

Mom Tells Cops She Wants Someone To Kill Her Husband And Friend

Whatever happened to divorce? She would have got half his gwap, but she wanted half his brains blown off. Dayum.

According to WPBF:

A South Florida woman who hated her husband and wanted him dead asked two police officers to help her find a hit man to kill him, police said.

These are the vests that the two Boynton Beach police officers were wearing when Annybelkis Terrero allegedly asked them if they knew a hit man who could kill her husband.

Sarah Wulchak has been arrested in Volusia County 19 times since 2003, most recently this week after deputies there said she bit off a chunk of her boyfriend’s ear. Here is a look at the mugshots from her 19 arrests. It’s important to note that an arrest is not an indication of guilt.

Boynton Beach police said Terrero was in the process of becoming a confidential informant for narcotics officers when she told them that she hated her husband, wanted him dead and claimed to have a plan in place. Police said the two officers were wearing Boynton Beach Police Department tactical vests.

Officers implied that they knew someone who could help her, so she gave them stolen credit cards as a down payment and told them to use the cards quickly because they were “hot,” police said.

A meeting was arranged, and police said Terrero showed up at a shopping center Thursday night to meet with the supposed hit man, and produced a fully loaded Remington shotgun and a box of ammunition. She told the undercover cops she would pay $5,000 for each hit up front, and the remaining $20,000 after her husband and friend were dead. Police said Terrero told them she would use her husband’s life insurance money to get the cash.

“She did mention that once,” neighbor Harold Henrich said. “She said she had a $1 million policy on him.”

William Straub, a friend whom police said Terrero also wanted killed, told WPBF 25 News he doesn’t believe she meant it.

“She has a severe drug and alcohol problem, and when she drinks, she’ll say crazy things,” Straub said. “You know, she took the Lindbergh baby. She, you know, was on the mother ship. You know, she’s out there.”

Police didn’t say why Terrero wanted Straub dead.

They had police agent written on their vests…WTF? Her friend sounds like he’s in denial.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

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