Kanye’s New Jawn

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kanye looks crisp and clean on the cover of Details Spring Fashion Issue. Check the flip to view Yeezy’s artsy-fartsy official ‘Heartbreak’ video featuring Kid Cudi.

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  • beautiful


  • Never Know

    He needs his hair combed or something.

  • Roderick

    Does Kanye’ think he looks good or something?

    If so someone lied to him big time.


    His eyes are so sad. I think he is lost….I have a map Ye….

  • its gettin crazy....

    i like the cover..its different, he looks nice

  • Mean Gurl (W3LCOM3 2 H3ARTBR3AK)

    I LOVE this vid. Now let me go cuss him out for being with that trickester Amber lastnight.

  • beautiful

    he does look like he is sad


    premium chocolate face. enchanting.
    I’m convinced that bossip is kanye’s playground everyone else is just a squirrel.

  • MS T

    It looks like he has gray contacts on!

  • cala

    I hear that he has a personal account on a Herpes dating site called ” =====herpesloving.com=======”, and the STD counselor on that site is his personal doctor

  • whateva

    I cant lie I love this video and song!!! I may not agree with everything kanye says but he is always original and extremely creative!!!

  • Weekend Lover

    He looks great! I think people keep trying to read into something when it comes to Ye, I really think he is always going to have that presence that makes you wonder.

    I just hope this Amber Rose chick is not looking for a meal ticket. It’s something suspect about her..

  • bb

    This video is a reflection of his state of mind at present.
    This is so sad

    Why does this fashion magazine have the “Europe’s big gay Nazi adventure” on its front cover

  • Janelle

    Ye is so very fine. I’m telling you…

  • Wreckless Driver

    Why does this fashion magazine have the “Europe’s big gay Nazi adventure” on its front cover
    Because Details Magazine’s primary readers are Gay Men. Details used to be a younger,more cutting edge version of GQ,but a few years ago they went in another direction and started writing more articles geared toward Gay Men as well as the clothes that they featured.

    Somebody needs to explain the difference between “Fashion” and “Style” to Kanye. Kanye is fashionable,but dude has no sense of STYLE whatsoever! His whole swag seems to be on some “look at me”shit. True style doesn’t have to be announced,it owns the room on its own. Kanye is such a fashion groupie that he honestly thinks those clown clothes he parades around in are stylish. Come on!I’m not convinced that he believes his own bullshit regarding the whole fashion thing. I have never seen Kanye rocking anything that made me say”Damn,that looks awright” most of the time when i see dude,i say”are you serious”.Kanye is a Fashion Stan,who thinks that by going to fashion shows and hanging around designers,he somehow can be the one who will change the game. Ain’t happening partner! You need a sense of style to make the fashion swag work,and dude is lacking that big time. As much as i can’t stand Diddy,he has a better feel for the fashion thing than Kanye does. Its 2009,and the “Grown Man” steez is in full effect. Lose the baggy jeans,braids and oversized white tees,Af-1’s and Timbs,skinny jeans and oversized earrings and all things jail house related and its time to invest in some well fitting suits. Think more Obama and less Lil Wayne. Ya feel me?

  • http://thumbsnap.com/v/hJSxpF6W.jpg mz.cee ♥

    Yeezy looking rather good on this cover, handsome!

  • Janelle

    I like the video, its something different to look at. I’m tired of Videhoes, rented cars, diamonds and all that sh*t. Respect the mans creativity.

  • A screen name is hard to find......and a hard man is good find

    the song is boring as hell but the vid is nice

  • greasy cheeseburger

    @Weekend Lover

    I think she’s one of dem’ G-unit hoes on a mission. Watch your food and drinks yeezy.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    I liked the video – it’s unique and very different… Good Job and kudos to Kanye ’cause it kept my attention and I was entertained… Had me listening to the lyrics and thinking about the meaning and message delivered via of the song…

    Weird, I haven’t seen a video without a half-naked broad shaking her a$$ in a while… I’m not sure how I feel about that…

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Oh yeah, the cover is nice/dope too…

  • Janelle

    But on the real, why does he look like he has blue eyes? Does anybody else see that?

  • u need morepeople

    i can’t believe that kanye west duped two highly regarded fashion magazines into giving him first-rate status with no creds to back…subscription sales must be very, very low….and they think kanye has a huge fan base [which is steadily eroding everyday courtesy of kanye’s mouth] …now if this nicca gets a cover with gq..i’m have to send a letter to their editors…….mia needs to come out with a clothing line since fashion is just suppose to be about being different minus concept, theme, cause, message w/ substance, c. base, style, etc.

  • shar

    His jaw’s gone and he doesn’t look so ashy.

  • u need morepeople

    co-sign w/ wreckless driver

    cause these things are damaging and wreckless to lead people into believing that u don’t need talent/practice/readiness/ability

    co-sign….the thug, man/child, effeminate, hoe/pimp decades are OVER…it is time to get your GROWN MAN AND WOMAN ON….for real or u will be left short/ high and dry….when resources get low, competition gets tight

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