Do You Believe Him? Tennessee Man Denies Penning “N-Word” Tip To Black Red Lobster Waitress

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No country for cheddar bay racism!

Man Denies Leaving Racial Slur On Red Lobster Receipt

The customer at the center of a racial slur written on a Red Lobster receipt last month in Franklin is speaking out for the first time and says new evidence proves he didn’t write it.

Via WSMV reports:

“It’s been horrific. I mean, I just have been getting all these threats and everything,” said Red Lobster customer Devin Barnes.

His name and his receipt wound up at the center of the scandal, but Barnes says he now has reason to breathe easier.

“I’m not mad. I just didn’t like what happened. I just wish it didn’t come out this way,” he said.

Several weeks ago, waitress Toni Jenkins posted a photo of her customer’s receipt online.

“She was polite. She was cheerful,” Barnes said.

But Barnes did not leave her a tip and says he left the total line blank.

So, when the N-word somehow showed up on the receipt online, Barnes knew he was in trouble.

“I didn’t do this,” he said. “I just asked my parents, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ I mean, I didn’t do nothing. Me and my wife were just trying to go out to eat, have a nice time.”

Weeks ago, Barnes’ attorney and pastor, Richard Dugger, hired an independent handwriting expert who compared the receipt with samples provided by Barnes and his wife.

“There is no evidence that neither Devin Barnes nor his wife wrote that hideous statement on the line total, which means that someone else did,” Dugger said.

Would someone really admit to be a racist before the world? “Oh yeah I called that waitress a n*gger, yep that was me!”

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