People Aint Isht: Man Sentenced To 33 Years For Beating, Stabbing, Strangling And Drowning His Ex-Girlfriend Before Burning Her House Over Break Up

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Ladies, be careful who you lay down with.

Man Given Maximum Sentence For Killing Girlfriend

Young people need to realize that if one person doesn’t want you, there are plenty fish in the sea. He did not have to torture this girl like this. Damn.

According to KOMO:

A 21-year-old man whose rage over a breakup ended up in murder, apologized to his victim’s family as he was sentenced in King County Superior Court.

Jarod Lane will spend the next 33 years in prison for killing 17-year-old Jessica Scholl in May of 2012.

So many of Scholl’s supporters filled the courtroom to see her young killer sentenced, they had to bring in more benches.

“I couldn’t believe that my beautiful daughter who I’d just seen a few hours before could be dead,” said Stephanie Scholl, Jessica’s mother.

Jessica had ended her two-year relationship with Lane, and then a week later, he ended her life.

“Jessica was tortured for a good length of time,” Stephanie Scholl said. “Jarod didn’t afford her any sympathy or compassion.”

When Lane couldn’t win Jessica back, he showed up at her Renton home before school and stabbed her so hard with kitchen knives, the blades broke.

“He tried to strangle her with a belt, hit her head against the dresser multiple times, then he drug her to the bathroom where he tried to drown her in the toilet,” said King County deputy prosecutor Jennifer Worley. “When that didn’t work, he bashed her head against the toilet tank.”


Lane set the Scholl’s house on fire to cover his crime and was found four days later in Oklahoma.

Lane told the court he never planned the murder, then apologized to the grief-stricken parents who had welcomed him into their home, then murdered their only child.

“I can’t express how apologetic and deeply sorry I am for my selfish acts on that unthinkable, unimaginable, and unforgettable day,” Lane said.

Jessica’s family and friends then implored the judge to sentence Lane to the maximum 33 years for murder and arson.

“He took the life of my 17-year-old daughter, who was just beginning to live her life,” Stephanie Scholl said.

The judge agreed and gave Lane the maximum sentence.

“Even though a sentence doesn’t bring her back, I really hope that it brings resolution and ultimately some peace for each of you,” said Judge Mary Yu.

After the sentence, Lane’s mother handed us a note that read: “My love for my son is unconditional, there aren’t enough sorries in the world for all the lost milestones and life events, my heart aches daily for Jessica’s family.”

Lane’s attorney says he’s tried several times in custody to end his own life

So he took her life and tried to take his because he couldn’t live with what he did…coward.

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