A “Lil Positivity”: Daughter Impregnated By Pervy Music Video Director Father Receives $10,000 College Grant!

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If anyone deserves this grant it is Aziza Kibibi

Sexually Abused Aziza Kabibi Given $10,000 College Grant By Female Empowerment Group

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A New Jersey woman whose abusive father impregnated her five times just received a scholarship to help her finish college.

Soroptimist, a female empowerment organization, awarded Aziza Kibibi a $10,000 grant to put toward her college degree as part of the Women’s Opportunity Awards program.

These awards are designed to help women get the skills, training and education needed for them to achieve their career goals. They are specifically for women who have previously been denied such training by economic or social barriers or by adverse personal circumstances.

“Many of the women that have received the grant have overcome enormous obstacles including poverty, sexual and domestic violence, the death of a spouse, and substance abuse,” Soroptimist said in an announcement.

Kibibi’s father, Aswad Ayinde, who directed the music video for “Killing Me Softly” by the Fugees, sexually abused her from ages 8 to 23, resulting in the birth of four children, one of whom died of a medical condition from inbreeding.

Says Soroptimist:

“We thank Aziza for her courage and willingness to share her story,” Soroptimist executive director and CEO Elizabeth Lucas said. “And we congratulate all of our recipients for their fortitude in moving past their challenges and reaching for their dreams.”

Congratulations Aziza! We know your painful story has the potential to help millions of people who have been victims of sexual abuse.

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