Shhhh: Dirty Dogs Who Allegedly Paid Mistresses In Hush Money

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Men Who Allegedly Paid Hush Money

Nobody wants to get caught cheating. It’s the worst. That’s why men of a certain financial position are able to pay off women to shut the hell up. You’re not paying her to give it up, you’re paying her to shut up about it. Duh. These men allegedly dropped some serious money to get women to shut up…did it work?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods – He paid Rachel Uchitel $10 million to shut it up…but she returned it and spilled the beans.

Michael Jordan Juanita thumb

Michael Jordan – MJ has always been rumored to pay women to hush…including one woman getting $5 million.

La Tasha Marbury and Stephon Marbur Stephon Marbury of the New York Knicks and Steve & Barryís present 'Starbury' - an exclusive line of sneakers and apparel held at Manhattan Mall

Stephon Marbury – He’s alleged to having paid a woman to keep quiet and it’s blowing up in his face.


David Letterman – He had a mistress that extorted him for hush money…smh.

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Cristiano Ronaldo – He allegedly paid a college student to keep her mouth shut.

kanye amber

Kanye West – Though she’s not a mistress, there was a rumor that Kanye paid her a million not to talk about their relationship. Hmmm…

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    Oprah – According to an unauthorized biography, she paid $50K to cover up an affair with a married man.

    r kelly neon fit

    R. Kelly – Robert Kellz’s former manager said that Kelly reneged on $1 million he owed to instead pay off women accusing him of…unlawful…acts.


    Dan Marino – He’s been alleged to have paid millions to mistresses he chopped down in the 80s.

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