Keyshia Cole Should Be Happy

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Ne-Yo has been dropped unexpectedly from R. Kelly’s “Double Up” tour:

Yesterday, Shaffer Smith aka Ne-Yo was informed that he was being dropped from the rest of the R Kelly tour after delivering two sensational performances. Entertainment reporters, music critics, bloggers, fans, and concert goers all agreed that Ne-Yo’s performances brought the heat; but maybe it brought too much heat.

“I don’t understand their actions because I was rehearsing, doing media, promoting the tour, and performing, said Ne-Yo. In my opinion, I was doing everything possible to make the tour a success. I love being on stage in front of fans because of the immediate feedback you get. You know right away if they are feeling you; and they were really feeling our show.”

Ne-Yo expressed genuine concern regarding not having the opportunity to complete the tour. He wanted all of his fans and supporters to be able to see him live. “To my fans and ticket holders – I apologize if you are disappointed.”

Say what you want about Ne-Yo, but he was probably the best performance that the Pied Piper had on that Double Up roster. Too bad for people who have already purchased tickets to see Ne-Yo perform. Keyshia can shut the hell up about headlining now.


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  • Sun Goddess

    Oh boy.

  • Sun Goddess

    I wonder why Kellz dropped Ne-yo. Sounds like jealousy…..

  • Gimme Mo'

    People still pay to see R. Kelly?!!

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Im 1st yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Okay the diva is throwing fits now…R. Kelly need to be ashamed he should be glad someone still want to perforn with his child molesting ass. When are they going to lock his ass up.

  • StyleRazzi

    R. Kelly’s tours are just filled with drama. This tour JUST STARTED less than 7 days ago and already Keyshia has acted THE FOOL and now NE-YO has gotten dropped. Kellz was probably just mad that all the pre-teens were coming to see Ne-yo and not his old @ss!!!!

  • Sun Goddess

    Or maybe Kells needs all the money he can get with his impending trial….or at leaast I hope.

    Everytime I hear a storyline about R. Kelly get pissed off.



  • Jus Another Opinion

    People still pay to see R. Kelly?!!


    Usher cant get a break but R. Kelly pedophile ass can. SMH What is the world coming to!

  • I Stay SMH

    piss on Ne-Yo…oh wait…that was no pun intended

    just been sayin it all day

  • backyard

    someone is being a hater i wonder if it was keyshia ot R.Kelly

  • Sara


    I’ve met him twice and he is such a down to earth guy. He is extremely talented and very entertaining to watch in concert. I don’t know why R. Kelly would not want him on tour with him! its insane. R. Kelly can be so petty sometimes. Ne-Yo probably just got a bigger round of applause then Kelly did and he got his panties in a twist! hehe

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Ne-Mo, they might have done you a big favor. I mean, who the hell wants to be associated with that disgusting pedophile anyway??!?!

  • Sara

    and i love that thing he does with his lips and his hat. he is so cool its unreal. without even trying. don’t worry Ne-YO!

  • 504okaay


  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    Ne-Yo just needs his own tour.

  • Miss V.I.P.

    That was a punk a$$ b!tch a$$ move, so more than likely R.Smelly is behind it, he better be glad Ne-Yo aint like Jigga, he woulda gotten b!tch slapped once again.. old jealous fagg!t a$$ child molester, I hate him!

  • Bonnie

    So, in other words, Kelly thinking…”Who else is hot out there right now? Mmmm, I know, let me get Neyo on the tour. When word gets out that he is on the tour, people will buy tickets and we will get good exposure cause he is talented. Not enough people know J. Holiday and I know Keisha is gonna get on my nerves but I will let that fly. Then, after a couple of shows and he gets good press and more people buy tickets, I will drop his ass from the tour cause there can only be one R&B singer on my tour and that’s me”. I no longer support or listen to R. I have three daughters and the fact that he has the nerve to go on tour and stroll around like he is not in the tape having sex with that little girl is just atrocious to me. And yeah, all of you “he has not been convicted of anything” stans can save it. Don’t want to hear it and don’t care.


    Sounds like somebody has a case of the HATES!!! NeYo is a great entertainer not taking anything away from The R. R-Kelly needs to stay humble not only does he have his little pee pee video court problems coming up but now he is about to get the business because of his recent assult problems with his publicist

    In the words Of E-40 “I’ts All Bad”


    piss on Ne-Yo…oh wait…that was no pun intended


  • Bahama Mama

    MAN eff a Robert kelly…..but for real tho, ne-yo might’ve tried to holla at him on the sly and robert got uncomfortable…

  • Mary J Blige


    and i love that thing he does with his lips and his hat. he is so cool its unreal. without even trying. don’t worry Ne-YO!


    Funny because that’s one of the things I cant stand about Ne-Yo.

  • dani

    Alot of us are jumping to conclusions!..We don’t know if it was R.Kelly that dropped hijm it could be for other various reasons…R.Kelly would’ve dropped Keyshia for her acting like she the star! we are making assumptions we don’t know why Ne-Yo is dropped sooner or later we’ll find out

  • Bonnie


    and i love that thing he does with his lips and his hat. he is so cool its unreal. without even trying. don’t worry Ne-YO!


    Funny because that’s one of the things I cant stand about Ne-Yo.

    CO-SIGN on that Mary J……CO-SIGN….

  • Love HIM

    Ne-Yo is doing it! I think there’s some jealousy on the pedophile of Key-lo-lo’s part! HMMMM……

  • Fred

    I saw the show here in Atlanta. Ne-Yo ripped it. I always thought he was talented but his stage show was great. Of course like everyone else is saying, people mostly want to see R. Kelly, but Ne-Yo was second on that list to me. Maybe he was stealing some of R’s shine and they had to drop him.

  • awake

    Is Chester (the Molester) jealous?

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