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He needs his azz whooped.

Coach Films Himself Having Forced Sex With Boys

The kids aren’t even safe around the coaches. SMH.

According to Seattle PI

A Maple Valley youth baseball coach also accused of repeatedly having forced sex with at least two children on camera has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for child p0rn0graphy offenses.

In addition to thousands of “commercial” child images and videos of himself sexually assaulting boys, David Scott Engle had at least 450 photos showing the clothed genitals of boys he coached, federal prosecutors now say.

Engle, 50, was sentenced Monday on federal child p0rn0graphy charges. Allegations that Engle forced sex on one boy “countless” times over six years remain outstanding in state court; investigators found photos purported to show Engle sexually assault a second, sleeping child as well.

Agents with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and other agencies arrested Engle in November after tracing an online purchase of child films to him. They recovered dozens of videos from his home showing Engle sexually assault one boy.

Before his Nov. 6 arrest, Engle had been extensively involved in youth baseball. He coached a Select Bronco team of 11- and 12-year olds, was president of Maple Valley Pony Baseball and Fast Pitch, served on two regional baseball organizations and one baseball business.

Asking that Engle be sentenced to 30 years in prison, Assistant U.S. Attorney Marci Ellsworth said the former coach abused the trust parents placed in him.

“While (Engle) was purportedly serving as a role model and mentor for these young boys, he was sexually interested in them,” Ellsworth said in court papers. “When (he) was taking pictures and shooting video of baseball games, his camera was focused on the players’ crotches, not on their batting stance, pitching arms, or any other aspect of their athletic performance.”


Pleading guilty in July to the federal child freaky flick charges, Engle admitted he possessed hundreds of videos showing children being sexually abused.

Now sentenced for his federal crimes, the child sex abuse charges filed against Engle in King County Superior Court will now proceed. Any state sentence would follow Engle’s term in federal prison; Engle likely faces at least 10 years in state prison if convicted as charged.

A licensed attorney most recently employed as a freight clerk at a Fred Meyer store, Engle has also been charged by King County prosecutors with three counts of child rape following allegations he was shown having forced sex with a boy in several videos. His arrest stemmed from an international investigation of a website dealing in “naturist films” – a euphemism for child freaky flicks.

Postal inspectors in the United States conducted a series of undercover purchases from the website; law enforcement working overseas then raided the business, seizing a trove of child pornography and business records; agents in the U.S. also raided a shipping facility used by the business.

Since then, agents have been investigating the company’s customers in an effort to track down those who bought child sex videos. Among the suspects identified thus far was Engle, who spent $2,300 on videos and photos sent to him by the company.

Investigators raided Engle’s Lake Lucerne-area home the day he was arrested, and recovered films well beyond what he bought online. Engle’s laptop contained about 11,000 suspicious images, and additional DVDs and digital storage devices were recovered.

Engle was initially charged only with possession of child pornography. Since then, investigators claim to have uncovered photos and video of Engle sexually assaulting one boy, which prompted the even more serious federal charges to which he ultimately pleaded guilty.

Writing the court, Ellsworth said investigators ultimately tallied 26,000 images and 400 videos of commercially produced child sex videos from computers seized at Engle’s home and storage space.

He is going straight to hell.




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