Hollyweird Thugs Go Hard At Tupac’s Mom

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Tupac‘s mother, Afeni Shakur, is being sued behind some shady Hollyweird dealings:

The mother of TUPAC SHAKUR is facing legal action after allegedly backing out of a deal to sell the rights to the late rapper’s life story for a film adaptation. Amaru Entertainment, which is run by Afeni Shakur, the star’s mother and the executor of his estate, is being sued by film production company Morgan Creek.

In papers filed at Los Angeles Superior Court, officials at the production house allege a written contract was in place for the rights to the California Love hitmaker’s life story.
They claim Afeni backed out of negotiations, which began in November (08), and is now refusing “to honor and perform a contract of a production of the film based on the life of Tupac Shakur”.
The company is seeking unspecified damages.

But lawyers for Amaru have denied existence of any such deal with Morgan Creek – and claim the production company only filed the writ to sabotage talks with other movie studios about adapting Shakur’s life story.

Attorney Skip Miller says, “There is no agreement with Morgan Creek, there never was, and there never will be. “They have scared away Paramount, Fox and others, and we are going to sue them and recover millions (in damages).” Lawyers for Morgan Creek declined to comment on the allegations.

Tsk, tsk at those studio catz trying to manipulate Tupac’s mom. Sounds like th


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  • POP

    i have a picture of rihanna’s mugshot go to http://www.youtube.com/hat2off

  • jaysblazin

    top 5. Yeah baby Yeah…

  • Resurrected

    His mother is the best person for the job because she will not allow anyone to tarnish her sons name and image.

  • Black Rob

    Damn, Bossip. Y’all just get bored and walk away while typing, or did someone spill purple drank all over the keyboard and short it out?

  • Acacia

    They need to get up off Afeni.

  • http://mockrockstar.ning.com MockRockStar.com

    See, even 2Pac mama is tired of seeing crappy movies and cds about him…let him RIP

  • applepie405


  • cala

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  • applepie405

    Someone need to checkout these Tupac sitings posted on youtube!!!Damn it has me wondering if he is still alive????MMMMMM MYSPACE.COM/CUTIEPIEAP

  • je$$i

    if pac was here there would be none of this studio ganstas and d-boys , biggie too , we lost two of the best rappers in the game i miss them

  • Wanna play karate in the garage?

    Afeni defending herself during a bogus murder charge and won the case against the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. F**k with her if you want to…lose

  • Wanna play karate in the garage?


  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper ♥The Delicious♥ Ms. Sugar Walls♥ Back at yall

    awll RIP pac! I miss that smile! 😦 😦

    Really though! I listen to your music all the time. Usually old heads*people* listen to your music and think that they are young, they know that you were before your time, MAN we have a few people that were before their time, that parished, but are not forgotten. RIP

    BTW: shady hollybitches, raise up off of Ms. Afeni

  • Fatimah


  • Swag-a-licious

    Afeni defending herself during a bogus murder charge and won the case against the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. F**k with her if you want to…

    Cosign. It’s not a game with her or her sister living in Cuba.

    I wonder how Tupac’s sister is doing. You never here much about her.

  • Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    Leave Afenia alone. That lady done fought for Blacks, raised a legend, and a bunch of other things. She’s vicious(in a good way)… Morgan Creek, ya bitch asses is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)




    GET those freakin lyin bastards! I love u Afeni!

  • Theory of Truth


  • Ro Ro

    Afeni will come on top on this one.

    2Pac you are missed.

  • http://www.entertainmentundergroundmag.com ATL Says"My President's Black"

    Leave her alone!! She dont want the movie to be a mess!!

  • wifey06

    now everyone wants to make dough off the dead!!!!

    Boy the rich are the greediest mofos out there. Why not let the dead rest in peace?

    I don’t respect Biggie or Tupac mom for doing bull shit like this. create your own personal legacy instead of riding off dead guys memories!!Money hungry leeches!!

    Black people really need to upgrade their standards on icons and why we want to make movies about these rappers?


    Whats Up ..JE$$i AND MS SUGAR WALLS …I agree with you all 100% … PAC AND BIG WERE THE BEST 2 DO IT !!! NOW LOOK AT THE RAP GAME … ALOT OF WACK ASS RAPPERS…. Keep bumpin that PAC !!!!

  • http://myspace.com apoman

    rip amaru you are still the lover of all.

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