Celebrities Who Blame Others For Their Problems

10 Celebs Who Blame Others For Their Problems

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Celebrities get caught red-handed or in fawked up situations…some fess up and others just refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Here are 10 celebrities who blame other people for their problems.

Chris Brown

Chris blamed the “emotional stress and non-stop negativity” he was receiving for the seizure he suffered in August. He also posted a series of morbid tweets. Really?

Phaedra Parks

Phadera named Nene her scapegoat in the Cynthia butt-dial disaster after she was caught saying she did not give a fawk if Cynthia came to her son’s birthday party. Phaedra keep it 100…you don’t like any of those angry birds.

Aaron Hernandez

Aaron blamed the media for the negativity surrounding his case and he cried bout how his daughter would never know him. Aaron you have yourself to blame for murking folks.


Fanny blamed the media for ending her relationship with her dirty doggin’ married baby daddy and pointed the finger at other celebs creepin.’ It’s not the media’s fault you got caught out there with a married man.

Robert Pattinson

He blamed his breakup from Kristen Stewart on her parents’ divorce and her fear of intimacy. No Rob, she dirty dogged you with that married film director and it was a wrap.


Tamar apologized to her fans for her recent voice issues and said she was hurt and embarrassed over the situation. Then she blamed her photographers for leaving the video “Hot Sugar” to work with Rihanna on the Diamonds world tour. Rihanna over Tamar—can you blame them?

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    Jim Jones

    The rapper claimed racial profiling after cops pulled him over in Newark and searched his car for drugs. They found nothing, but still issued him a citation for driving without a license.

    Amanda Bynes

    Attention slorin’ Amanda Bynes said “that ugly black guy” who sold photos of Amanda on her dirty mattress was to blame for her tabloid trouble and even went after one of the editors of InTouch. Oh yea, she called her ugly too.

    Lauryn Hill

    Lauryn claimed she was a child of slavery and therefore didn’t have to pay her taxes. She sure learned her lesson the hard way.

    Chrissy Teigen

    Chrissy said her mom threw her underneath the bus by taking the nekkid spray tan photos that got her red-flagged by Instagram. Why would you let people take pics of you in your birthday suit?

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