Mary J. Blige Performs in LA

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mary J. Blige and her furry white forearms performed last night at the new Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.  She needs to have a sit down with Keyshia and let her know what it’s like to be a real diva.

Enter Mary J.’s imposter and her slew of comments right about now…

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  • WeSSide Ridah


    a sista wearing her natural hair!

  • FineAsWine


  • sexiichar

    That is not Mary’s damn hair

  • WeSSide Ridah


  • sexiichar

    or should I just wait and come back Friday?

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    I like her outfit. It is not for me but more power to her and I hope she won’t fly away.

  • Mrs

    She looks a like a swan with sun glasses on in a dark venue?

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive


    Why do you look like a bird? 😉

  • backyard

    what in the HELL do she have on

  • Mark

    I like her. Seems saw her on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called It’s said Charlie Sheen has found love there.

  • NaNaNaNaaa

    ain’t this something .. a story about Mary J. Blige and our very own ‘MJB’ ain’t even on here to comment 🙂 LOL!

  • txshawty

    ROTFL!!!!! lol….

    Swan Lake lookin…lol, but naw I love mary, she’s still fly!

  • MzGapeach

    LOL at txshawty LUV me some Mary J

  • txshawty

    @ NaNaNaNaaa

    That’s what I’M saying lol…a post that is actually relevant for her to act like MJB and she ain’t here

    But the MJB imposter be having me cracking up tho lol

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    Where is SunGodess and Just Sit And be Pretty?!?!

  • Gimme Mo'

    what in the Swan Lake hell?!

  • txshawty

    lol Gimme Mo’…that’s what I said, we on the same page

  • Jai

    Enter Mary J.’s imposter and her slew of comments right about now…


  • Melissa

    Maaarrrrryyyyyy (said like Saundra from 227)……..

  • Say What?


    Are you talking about those ridiculous shoes that cost over $4,000 that look like the love child of football cleets and skittles?

    I hope she didn’t wear those awful shoes with the above outfit. A hot mess.

    Mrs MJB imposter-

    what other shows do you have coming up? You could atleast let us know where you will make your appearences.

  • Anonymous3

    Will the faux Mary please stand up!!!!….I know you are out there itching to comment…talking bout you an Kendu and doing “them rocks” when you was with K-Ci…where you at!!!!

  • luvchild


    I attended a Prince concert where he did the same thing ‘TOO MANY OF THE NEW SONGS AND WE DON’T KNOW THEM YET’ it was a disaster.

  • fruitloop

    Enter Mary J.’s imposter and her slew of comments right about now…


    Bwahahahahahaha! Genius!

  • Mrs

    I love her too but there no deny she looks like a backcombed swan

  • 504okaay


    That is not Mary’s damn hair


    THANK YOU !!


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