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The beautiful and talented Alicia Keys has been on the cover of a bunch of magazines recently and is on featured on the December ’07 issue of the Japanese publication Woofin’ Girl.  Her album “As I Am” has debuted in the number one spot.

A Keys also showed her support for the writers on strike in LA giving them an impromptu performance. She stated:

“I’m here in support of this cause. … I don’t believe there’s anything we can’t do if we stand together. I want you to know I am a writer too.”


View pics of Alicia performing for the Writers Guild of America members under the hood…

Images via WENN

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  • MzGapeach

    Nice Pic……

  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    Cute jacket on the cover of the magazine.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Just a beautiful girl. period.

  • txshawty

    That jacked is fiyah….Get em Alicia.

  • kes1970

    I love the cd. Alicia Keys is so beautiful!

  • John


  • Ashley

    thats my girl.

    that strike caused not one but 3 of her appearances to be canceled. so what did she do? she said Hell, i’ll just performed for the strikers! lol that was really nice of her.

    congrats to her for the #1 album in the country with 742k copies sold!!!

  • AND...

    Now that’s what I like to hear.

  • Heather

    I just cant get into to A. Keys. I did some reasearch and she reminds me a lot beyonce. Loves to tout their writing but when you look at her credits and she the third and fourth writer. Translation? She adds a couple of ooos and ahhs and a few ‘the”s. Give me Mariah and Amy Winehous. At least when they write collaboratively, they are first on the list.

  • weezy

    eff those writers, I saw like 2 black writers on the news picketing, they need a more diverse workforce

  • Say What?

    so what made Alicia think that those writers wanted a performance? If I am on a strike for my job the LAST thing I want is for someone to break out in a song in front of me.

    Nice try Soror…but let’s bring them some food and water next time.

  • sexiichar

    If Alicia ain’t gay I don’t know who is.

  • Mrs

    She reminds you of who? She plays a piano? She can read and write music? She has her own hair? She sings instead of rolling around the floor and flicking her hair they are so different I dont know where that came from. Them as performers is two seperate kettle of fish! Alicia Gay straight whatever gurl – always a pleasure listening to you! Mwa

  • Mr. Targetsquad

    Beautiful Alicia. Big up everytime my girl.

    Squad Up!

  • Baby Please

    I like the hair and pic on the magazine cover! Nice. But I hate that other, old-fashioned, hideous hairdo she been sportin’ lately.

  • ko

    i heard 1st week sales over 700k!!! Um…. Beyonce who?

  • Mark

    She is beautiful and gorgeous! I saw her profile on millionaire and celebrity dating site Charlie Sheen found his match there.

  • Ashley

    yall r funny. Alicia has never once been the 4th or 5th writer on her own song. lmao. she writes with kerry, harold, sometimes erika rose. on this album it was linda perry and john mayer. but never all at once lol! its always just her or one other person. not to mention she actually writes the music as well.

  • Jai

    That was a really beautiful thing for her to do, and I love that jacket she was rockin! Her new album is what that is… so NO surprise it took the number 1 spot!

  • dani

    Agree with Ashley and Mariah I beliveed never really wrote her own matieral maybe vocal arrange but that’s it. Amy Winehouse collaborated with Mark Ronson as well…lol..but nah A.Keys does writes and produces with Harold Lilly and Krucial Keys

  • dani

    oh yeah well good for A.Keys girl that was nice of her to perform for the writers they need love and support too.

  • who cares

    Alicia is gay, and if not then why does she choose the ugliest man she can find? Becasue she intentionally wants to disappoint herself so that when she hooks up with the brat she can say “I tried!”

    That Jacket IS the biz!

    And who cares if she writes that nonsense. Her music is going nowhere fast. Her audience is just waititng for her to get raunchy. I actually bought the cd…………..bullsh!t

  • Say What?


    Um…I doubt if that ALL of her hair. She may USE her own her but she has some added.



  • 504okaay


  • dani

    @ Heather see what you saying though about Alicia she has collaborated with so many people..but she doesn’t solely take credit because she has always shouted out the people she worked with..esp her man yeah I don’t mind people sayng anything mean about Alicia or has an unfavorable opinion of’s all good..but Amy Winehouse has collaborated with some writers herself..she has co-writers too..esp with Mark Ronson..and Mariah as well

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