In Guido News: Pauly D’s Baby Mama Denies Being A Slorin’ Gold Digger And Says He’s A Deadbeat Daddy

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White folks have baby mama drama too!

Pauly D’s Baby Mama Says She’s Not A Gold Digger

Via RumorFix reports:

While DJ Pauly D has been running his mouth this week about his previously secret five-month-old daughter, it’s turned baby Amabella’s world upside down.

Pauly D’s baby mama, Amanda Markert, was quietly going about raising the little girl while working and going to school until news dropped that the Jersey Shore star was the father of the five-month-old daughter with a woman he had a one night stand with.

She’s only given one interview and that was to TMZ, who has been the main source of excoriating Amanda this week calling her a “fame whore” and “gold-digger.” We’ve seen absolutely no evidence to that and from all appearances she’s a hard working single mom of two who is also a student.

She tweeted on Friday afternoon that her brief interview with TMZ was NOT compensated and the chaos caused by the revelation has resulted in the “worst week of my life. God give me strength. I can’t even walk my son to the bus stop now because people are out there taking pictures.”

She’s also taking on reports that he paid for her to get an abortion once he heard she was pregnant, but she took his money and still went through the with pregnancy.

She tweeted “I saw the ultrasound. I heard the heartbeat. I couldn’t go through with it … So yes it paid for ONE ultrasound, blood work, and proof of pregnancy. I paid for 9 months of doctors appointments following. I have been financially supporting Amabella MYSELF for the past five months.”

She’s also calling out the DJ for making this baby drama into a big publicity stunt for himself.

“Apparently he wrote a check and sent it a few days ago just to show the media the copy of it … publicity stunt. I love my children more than ANYTHING in this world. The chaos he has created is a shame. He has NEVER contacted me to see this child and I have never denied him his rights as a father. Nor did I hide the pregnancy from him. He knew all along and he never once denied it was his.”

She finished by noting “calling her a ‘love child’ in the media. Does he not realize she will read all of this later on?! And how damaging it will be!?!”



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