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Pauly D ain’t isht!

Pauly D Denied Daughter But Now Wants To Play Daddy

While there’s always two sides to every story, Amanda Markert’s family is defending her honor to the earth’s end.

Via RumorFix reports:

Ever since news hit the web last Monday that Pauly D has a five-month-old daughter with a woman he had a one night stand with last year, gossip blogs have come out with wild accusations about both the DJ and his baby mama.

Reports allege that Pauly D wanted Amanda to abort the child while also seeking to strip her of baby Amabella, leaving the child without a mother. On the other hand, the media has been writing the mother-of-two off to be a fame whore who worked at Hooters.

But one thing is for sure–Amanda’s family is letting the 26-year-old’s reputation go down without a fight. Last Thursday, RumorFix spoke with Markert’s mother who told her she’s a very smart girl and a good mother. And now in a new exclusive interview with the student’s uncle, Joe Kaplan reveals RumorFix not only how wonderful he thinks his niece is, but also dishes on his extreme distaste for the former Jersey Shore star.

“Amanda is a good girl, [she] always has been. She’s goofy, funny, very heart felt and contrary to popular belief, she is a great mom,” Amanda’s uncles tells RumorFix, adding, “And all the b.s. I’m hearing is lies. Yes , she worked at Hooters, but it was years ago and so what? All the young girls around here work there. There isn’t much to tell, she really is just a regular girl with a normal life.”

While Kaplan is very pleased with the young woman his niece has grown to become, boy oh boy, you better believe he has a thing or two to say about her baby daddy!

The protective uncle rants, “I didn’t feel anything [about Pauly] until he disrupted my family with his lies and b.s. about my niece. Now i think he’s a piece of sh*t for denying his daughter, then suddenly he’s father of the year? I think he’s an over paid nobody.”

We’re not sure how we feel about Pauly as “father of the year,” but perhaps Mr. Kaplan deserves uncle of the year.

Pauly D just needs to make sure his baby girl is taken care of and not worry about what others have to say.



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