Ugh: The Most Annoying Facebook Statuses

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Facebook Statues That Drive People Crazy

So many people on Facebook are annoying as all entire hell and high-water. We’re tired of seeing some of these people’s statuses all the time. Seriously, just stop it. Let’s take a look at the 10 most annoying types of Facebook statuses.

The Selfie Masters – You look the same as you did yesterday so stop taking those same pics every damn morning!

The “Rise And Grind” – It’s 10am. You just woke up. You’re not on your grind.

The Serial Bae – You were in love last week…and are still in love…but with someone else. We know you’re gonna break up again next week so stop posting all your love!

The Sadz – Why are you always depressed? Do you really have to tell us how sad you are all the time? Who hurt you?

Gym Flow – Hey, you. Stop working out and go get a job.

#1 Stunners – Sigh…that’s probably not even your freaking car.

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    Foodies – You have to take a pic of every meal now? You do? Okay. Next time, don’t go to Applebee’s.

    The Traveler – You get to travel for whatever reason, but the pics of your trip to Spokane doesn’t do anything for us.

    Racists – Stop. Stop being racist with your stupid statuses.

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