Random Ridiculousness: Depressed Bachelor Cuts Off Peen Then Forgets To Bring It To Hospital For Doctors To Reattach

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Dude must have really been going through it to cut the peen off.

Man Cuts Off Peen Then Forgets To Bring It To Hospital

He pulled a Lorena Bobbitt………..on himself.

According to he Huffington Post:

A man in Jiaxing, China, was supposedly so depressed by his lacking love life that in a moment of desperation, he cut off his peen, the Mirror reported.

Shortly after his amateur amputation, 26-year-old Yang Hu had second thoughts and quickly got to a hospital in hopes of getting his sex organ reattached.

Actually “quickly” is the wrong word since he went to the hospital by riding his bicycle. To make matters worse — as if that’s possible — he actually forgot to bring his chopped-off peen with him, requiring him to ride his bike back to the home, the Daily Star reported.

When he returned with his dismembered organ, the doctors gave him some bad news: Because Yang’s peen had been without blood for too long, it would be impossible to reattach, HuffPost UK reported.

As grotesque as Yang’s self-inflicted injuries may be, peen manglings are surprisingly common.

In September, Gentil Ramirez, of Gigante, Colombia, took so much Viagra (the erectile dysfunction medication) that he ended up needing surgery on his peen, which was inflamed, fractured, and infected with gangrene.

While multiple media outlets initially reported that the 66-year-old’s peen was amputated, Ramirez told reporters that his manhood is still intact.

In June, police in Ypslanti, Mich., found a nekkid man who was bloody after ripping off a part of his peen during a drug-fueled craze.

In April, jurors in Orange County, California, found Catherine Kieu guilty of torture and aggravated mayhem for a July 2011 attack on her estranged husband where she cut off his peen and tossed it in the garbage.

If he needed some box that bad, why not pay for it?  As long as the box is disease-free, of course.


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