Shady Dr. 90221 Walks Out On Larry King

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Dr. Jan Adams went on Larry King recently and apparently could not take the heat:

“I had come here to talk about things in the press that aren’t accurate about me,” Adams told King during the CNN show. “But I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for the West family. They asked me not to go on.” Later in the show, it was revealed that Adams had received a letter from the West family’s lawyers earlier Tuesday asking him not to appear on the show – and threatening to ask the Medical Board of California to decertify him if he spoke about the case.

“When they are comfortable, then I will be comfortable [speaking out],” Adams told King. “If they are never comfortable, then I will never be comfortable.” The doctor then removed his ear piece and walked off stage while King cut to commercial.

Ok, then why the hell did he go on the show if they asked him not to? This FUBU doctor needs to sit his ass down for real. He also tells People magazine that he is the plastic surgeon to go to:

“When people say ‘plastic surgery’ they think of me. These suits don’t represent bad plastic surgery, they represent a bad decision in terms of choice of patient.”

Right, so performing surgery in a hole in the wall spot above a Fedex Kinkos in an LA shopping center represents good plastic surgery?

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  • goldnprncss


  • goldnprncss

    first lol

  • NaNaNaNaaa

    it seems like mama had an accidental overdose .. the doc and the west family know – he just can’t say too much since there’s and investigation ongoing .. too bad for him though, he looked dumb to go on and then off .. he should have never agreed to this then he wouldn’t look as if he has something to hide .. a shame all around 😦

  • dani

    He made himself look way too obvious by walking out..the media is going to eat him up alive!

  • WeSSide Ridah

    is that his natural hair?

  • Say What?

    Wesside Ridah:

    Which picture are you commenting on regarding someone’s natural hair?

    From what I see on my monitor this guy is bald.



  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    I have a question:

    Should he hold some responsiblity because he let her leave his office the same day or can you do that?

  • Mark

    I like him. Many celebrities also think he is talented. I found her photos and videos posted on It’s a dating site for celebrities and wealthy people.

  • adsa

    And I think this guy is getting to much hate for an accident………

    People are acting like he meant to kill her….

    She was determined to go through with the surgery, of he didn’t perform the surgery, she wouldn’t of stopped until someone else did it for her.

    There’s no way that every single doctor on the planet would of turned her down. Someone would have done it, and it just happened that he’s the one that killed her.

  • WeSSide Ridah

    Dear SayWhat?

    i was referring to his right eyebrow.

    p.s. we must have same the kind of monitor…he is bald on mine too.

  • Smartie

    Well he always wanted to be in the spotlight by being a celebrity doctor, so here’s your chance. A Board Certified doc is the only way to go. Meaning he can sit in front of a panel of his peers and explain why he is so good at what he does. He never did this but instead opted to get on tv. Oprah he was on your show and now you’re mum ? You should have him back the way you dragged James Frey (A Million Little Pieces) back to explain why he lied.

  • Mississippi Girl

    No disrespect to Kanye’s family at all, but it seems as though, something is being hidden. This man would not let his reputation continously be ruined by bad press if something was stopping him from telling the truth. I think that there is a lot more about this death than we know. He had every intention on going on the show! But when he got there it was stated that they called him at Larry Kings studio and also sent a fax forbidding him to go on the air. That is just very odd to me!! There is alot more going on about this case than we know. Again, no disrespect to Kanye or his family during this time. The fact that someone died is enough! I’m just saying that we cant all be ready to send this man to doom, because it appears like alot of stuff is going on that hasnt came out yet!!!

  • Stevenia D'amico

    @Mississippi Girl — you ain’t ne’er lied! something stinks of high heaven!! THEY [west family] know the real-real deal after consulting with the previous doctor who was to do the surgery [who said no!] the good thing is this doctor DOES have integrity [yes, i said it] to not OUT THEM like he can .. gawd bless us all .. I just hope it doesn’t leak .. I don’t think we need to hear it .. it’s personal .. but the white media is loving to TEAR THIS BLACK DOCTOR up like this .. but we as a people must not be TOO eager to just jump .. listen, watch and then make an opinion after all the facts are in.

  • Fiddy

    She took too many pain killers and the West family don’t want it all over the media.I give this man two-thumbs up for granting the West wishes. I don’t blame him for her death but I don’t think he should be doing anymore plastic surgery. This man was on Oprah and this is probably how he got most of his clients. Just like before When Oprah speaks people follow!Remeber:

    1. A million little pieces-she never did her research. She read this book and believe that this was a remarkable story, put it on the show!

    2. opened that school in S.Africa, which I commend her. But at the same time she did not weed out the bad like no one will do anything to tarnish “Oprah’s” image!! and she put her own people down saying we don’t appreciate education.

    3.And now we have Dr.Jan, who she may not have recommened Ms.Donda to him,but by being on her show people take Oprah serious and her guest. They value her opinion!! now she has nothing to say, she is a fat coward!!

  • Baby Please

    What the hell did he show up for in the first fu*kin place??!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Ya know, I think he did the right thing to finally shut his trap, but again, it was stupid to sit down across from Larry and then walk off. He did the smart thing no one is disputing that. LOL, Larry was pissed because he lost his exclusive. Of course, People mag is happy ’cause they got the scoop.

    I understand the West family wanting to keep this private but because Kanye is a high-profile public figure, the media will not let this rest.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Fiddy, I think it’s stupid to tie Oprah to Dr. Jan, you seem to forget he was on that show (forget the name) with Mario Lopez, Danny Bonaduce and some other guy. He also had lots of other media opportunities…so by virtue of him being in the public eye, I’m sure he secured patients that way. Anyway, his goose is cooked, maybe he can go into academia or something where he doesn’t have patient contact.

  • hey

    This guy is a creep through and through.

    “These suits don’t represent bad plastic surgery, they represent a bad decision in terms of choice of patient.” –Dr. Shady

    as a plastic surgeon isn’t it part of your responsibility to choose patients accordingly? the other surgeon that Kanye’s mother went to refused to perform the operation based on his medical knowledge and proper safety procedures. see how that works dr. shady? see? some people will do anything for the almighty dollar.

  • linn ski ski

    when keeping it real goes horribly wrong.


    No really

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    ^^^LMAO, she’s finally resting after that performance last night!

    BTW, I don’t hate the quack, I would just never go to him to even pull a splinter outta my finger.

  • Anjuli

    ^^^^^ ROTFLMAO omg please stop

    she’s finally resting after that performance last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey

    ^^i kind of agree w/ what your saying DAPHNEYVETTE. there’s nothing the racist white media would love more than to tear down an Harvard educated black male doctor whose made a name for himself professionally, BUT by his not talking it puts him in a difficult position. it leaves the public to speculate about all sorts of things. that’s all.

  • Kye

    It’s a sad shame he (inadvertently) ruined such a lucrative career by operating on Kanye’s mom….From what I’ve seen of him on t.v., the dude is very astute and quite articulate….I’m sure his intent wasn’t to hurt (or kill) Kanye’s mother…It was said, that he thinks she may have overdosed on the pain killer known as Vicoden…Or had a heart attack the day after the procedure….He claims nothing went wrong during the surgery and that’s why Ms. West was allowed to go home….I’m sayin’, why would he be careless with Kanye’s mom? By doing a good job, he would have been only adding more celebrity clientele to his book of business….Either way, Ms. West is no longer with us and his career is over!


    I’m not sure what happened but I remember watching this dude on tv before all this happened and thinking “Yuck.” This dude looks like he has an ego problem. That’s what all of these incidents point to.

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