Shaunie Has Her Own Stacks: Already Worth $30 Million

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According to the recet court documents, Shaunie may be worth $30 million and this is before she gets more of Shaq’s stacks in a divorce settlement:

The financial affidavit she recently filed shows that the mother of four kids with Shaq may be worth as much as $30 million.

Although neither former lovebird nor their lawyers commented, the paperwork shows Shaunie, who’s been hitched to the big man for five years, lists nearly $450,000 in cash and stocks as assets. The couple’s $25 million Star Island home in Miami Beach, a condo in L.A., a $3.95 million home in Orlando and another condo in Miami also figure on her balance sheet. And, if you believe the same document, she invested in several businesses, including a Virginia developer ($250,000) and a Los Angeles eatery, Liberty Grill ($250,000).

We are still waiting for a company to start selling divorce insurance plans to people like Shaq and this guy

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    # 1


    Damn, you can tell when folks be at work on the internet. It’s quiet today.

    Don’t fluck for free. At least she was smart enough to do something with her $.


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  • cuteboy

    He is a cuttie! I saw his profile on millionaire dating site last week. It is said he has a major crush on hot chicks on that site!

  • Bahama Mama


    She was one the edumacated nba wives…

  • Afrochic

    Smart girl. With all those kids she better have a plan B.

  • Serious Sister

    when the accountants get through with her, it won’t be nearly that, if some of it is from Shaq she will be giving it up.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    To think I thought she was a dummy like the rest of the NBA wives. Yeah you got a big house but at what cost! I rarely do this because I am right 80% of the time. LMFAO I will apologize to Shaunie for calling her stupid in the beginning. I like this woman more and more in the beginning. The fact that her man slept with superhead and put money in her bank account. Make me wanna act like Tyler Perry character in Madia, and get out my calculator…oh child he did what and start punching numbers in. LOL

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Correction I like this woman more now than I did in the beginning.

  • anonymous

    the 30 million in assets she has is shaq’s


    LOL…Shaq’a gonna make money regardless. He ain’t worried about her ass.


    adsa ?! Why u so hostile ? You think she got with Shaq for his looks ?

  • G-Roc

    OH BOY!!!

  • Bahama Mama

    LMMFAO @ some of yall men!!

    I use to live in Florida and when they first moved down to MIA, Shaunie got a job reporting celeb news for one of the local shows. I know it wasn’t millions but it was still her own stacks, and she could have done the same in Cali. As for their broken home, I don’t think the main reason was her “stealing”.

  • Sterling Black

    @ Bahama Mama

    Well if we go by your rationale, B.M., the money Shaq made playing basketball is his own and she shouldn’t be entitled to any of it.

  • Bahama Mama

    Tru Sterling Black, but her $$ was chump change compared to his. And what I said really don’t matter, but the community prop. does.

    All i’m was saying was she wasn’t a COMPLETE gold digger like some of yall are making her out to be.

  • memchee

    good to know she has business sense. People can still become rich from sound business ventures and investments. Shaq still gon’ have to pay despite her cashflow.


    Can’t escape that chld support : – ) would be a good place to start.

  • serene

    there is no such thing as your own money when you are married, so that money is technically of theirs. And where did she get the money to invest it huh?! think about it, its both of theirs. And if she was hiding all dis shyt, don’t think that won’t come into play during court.

  • Sterling Black

    @ memchee

    That depends on the pre-nup…And like i said, if it’s proven that some of her business dealings was purposely hidden from Shaq, this could be interpreted as a violation to the stipulation of said pre-nup, thus entitling her to nothing but child support. You have to ask yourself, why would she go to all the trouble of trying to hide her assets, unless she felt that the pre-nup wasn’t ample enough to ensure her of the lifestyle that she has grown accustomed to? The reason that her improprieties came to light, was because of her own greed and shortsightedness…Obviously, she wanted Shaq to pay the overhead and taxes for her ill-gotten gains, which subsequently raised a red flag, alerting Shaq’s bus. mgr. and accountant to her impropriety – This is not only ILLEGAL, BUT IT’S FRAUD! And since it concerns millions of dollars, it becomes a federal offense if they (Shaq & his handlers) decide to pursue it as a criminal matter.

  • beast

    Wow, it looks like Shaunie really outsmarted Sahq on this one. First, of all Shaunie has her ducks all in a row from what I’m hearing and Shaq might want to settle because SEX, LIES AND MORE LIES will be coming out… Shaunie was a married woman when she met Shaq, and the man she was married to had CHIPS TOO, but not Shaq size paper… Shaq(if you want to call it) stole Shaunis from this guy, whom nearly committed suicide. She had kids with this guy to. In a court hearing she won’t look good in court but niether will he along with Karrien’s book, he will be paying a big price tag if it goes to court… Shaq’s est. worth is somewhere around 400million… hey Mike Jordan’s wife got 168mil… AND MIKE WAS WILDIN OUT WITH CHICKS!!! So, if I’m Shaq I’ll use that has a guide and give her 100- 115 million…. Hey, this is way off subject but I was looking on the Forbes List wealthiest entertainers AND DID YA’LL KNOW THAT R. KELLY IS WORTH 170 MILLION!!!! DAMN!!!

  • Curly Fries

    Damn, what if she decides to go “Kim Porter” on his azz?

  • Curly Fries

    Beast wrote: “Hey, this is way off subject but I was looking on the Forbes List wealthiest entertainers AND DID YA’LL KNOW THAT R. KELLY IS WORTH 170 MILLION!!!! DAMN!!!”

    I didn’t know that, but it explains why that lil’ girl loving muh-fukka is still on the streets. He got the best attorneys that money can buy!

  • kai

    Prime example of a woman making moves and not sitting around for her man to take care of her.


    She look so sweet!

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